Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Some Quilting Vocabulary and New Video

   Hey guys! I decided to do a little video explaining some quilting and sewing vocabulary. I know that something like this would have helped me a lot when I was first learning how to sew.  So I hope it will help you learn some of the basic terms of the trade. I will be doing some videos showing what I can with some of these words. They will be follow ups to this video and each one will be very short, just showing the basics of the words I went over. Make sure you subscribe to my youtube channel so you don't miss out on any of these videos!!!
I'm going to do a quick run through of the vocabulary words in this post, just incase reading it will help you better than me talking through it.

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These are in no specific order.

~Wrong Side of fabric (aka ugly side) This is the back side of the fabric, where the colors are less prominent
~Right Side of fabric (aka pretty side) This is the front of the fabric where the print is more predominant, the colors are usually more vibrant
~"RST" aka Right Sides Together- meaning the pretty sides of the fabric are facing each other
~Scant 1/4" seam- This means you are sewing a few threads short of a true 1/4" seam (which is the normal seam allowance used for quilting)
~Chain Piecing- It is the act of sewing different pieces in a continuous fashion, it helps with saving thread and also less time consuming
~Wonky- The term used when you sew fabrics at an angle instead of straight, used a lot for modern quilting
~Improv Sewing- The act of designing as you go, not specifically using a pattern, just picking different fabrics and sewing them together. Used a lot in Modern Quilting
~Scrap Fabric- Anything smaller than usually a fat quarter, I will be making a video on different fabric sizes and what I consider scraps very soon
~Machine Feet- Different feet that usually come with your machine, they are used for different projects...attachments used for different types of stitches
~Quilt Sandwich- when you layer the backing fabric, batting, and completed quilt top, the process used when getting ready to quilt the entire quilt.
~Feed Dogs- The mechanism in a sewing machine that feeds the material under the needle
~Batting- also called wadding- The material used to make a quilt sandwich, it goes between the quilt top and the quilt back, there are many different types to choose from, I prefer to use Warm and Natural or Warm and White it's 100% cotton.
~Pressing- The act of pressing your seams, this is different from "ironing" if you "iron" your work you run the risk of distorting the fabric, pressing lets the weight of the iron do the work.
~Basting- The act of combining quilt top, batting, and backing into one to make your quilt sandwich. There are a few different ways to baste a quilt, most commonly used is a safety pin method, my preference is to spray baste, I will be making a video on how to do each.
~Seam Allowance- The area between the stitching and the raw, cut area of the fabric.

There is a lot more vocabulary words that I will be covering, if you have any questions don't hesitate to leave them in the comments either on this blog post or the video.
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