Friday, November 30, 2012


I finally finished the Nightshade quilt!!! YAY!!! I still have to get some pictures though, weather hasn't been that great, so haven't had the opportunity yet! So I will get those for you guys this weekend! I love how it turned out! I can't believe it's finished!!!!
I've also been working on a few other things! My niece had her 6th bday this past week and I made her a cute little wall hanging!
Pretty huh? I figured out what I was doing wrong for FMQ and got that fixed! I had my darning foot too high! I used Kelby Sews paper pieced alphabet pattern for her name! I love it! I really hope she likes it too! (She hasn't gotten it yet!)
I joined another swap! The DQS round 13! I am working on a design for my partner now. I hope she likes what I have in mind. I'm going to leave it a secret for now.
And on top of that I signed up to be an "Angel" for the Modernista swap! I figured, why not?
So here is what I've got so far!
A wonky cross table runner! I did this based on Elizabeth Hartman's Craftsy class!
Here is one of the blocks. I've got the top completely pieced and now I'm trying to figure out what to do for a backing. I hope my new Partner likes it, I think she will but, ya never know!

On another note, we've almost got everything together for the bee! We will both be announcing it on our blogs first! So keep your eyes open, just a couple more days!

Sew Mama Sew is back at it again! Giveaway day is Dec 3rd! And, yes I will be part of it! I actually have something special for you guys each week the whole month of December! I'm really excited about it and have been working very hard on it! I'm trying to grow my page hits and readers, so hopefully these things I'm doing will help!

I know I've been promising you guys a book review, just been a little busy as of lately! So no, I don't have it done for you yet, but I am almost done! I don't want to do a review without actually reading the whole thing! That feels like lying to me. So I will be getting that out soon too!
Well, I'm off to get some sewing done!
~Hope y'all are having a great day!~

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lovin my mailbox

Well, Hello there!!!!
I'm still truckin away on all of my WIP so I figured I would show you guys some awesomeness that's been in my mailbox!!!!

I got this AMAZING hoop from my Hoop-La-La partner!!! Allegory of Sew Allegorical (who was actually the host of this swap) was my Secret Partner! She hit the nail right on the head!!! I absolutely LOVE this hoop! I also got some AWESOME extras along with the hoop, just haven't had time to photograph them, yet!
This lovely package was from my Modernista swap partner! She made some AWESOME things for me! 2 hand towels, hot pads and all!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE THEM!!!
My Modernista partner has still yet to receive my package, I actually got it back today???? It said the address wasn't correct?!?!? Sew, I'm waiting on my "swap mama" to e-mail me back with the address, again! I feel so bad that she hasn't received it yet, but there is nothing I can do except mail it again!
I have so broken my "Fabric diet" (if I even ever had one?!?!) this is some GORGEOUS Echino prints I got off of a destash on IG!!!

I got this bundle of GOODNESS from Julie (The Intrepid Thread). I absolutely L-O-V-E this line of fabric (Bella by Lotta Jansdotter), I know this is not the entire line, but I got the ones I loved the most!! Most are half yard cuts, I can't wait to start playing with it! I'm gonna make a quilt, just not sure of anything else! LOL!
I've joined another swap! These things are SEW ADDICTING!!! I'm in round 13 of the DQS! I can't be more excited about this one! I think I'm finally starting to gain a little confidence with doing these!

This is my inspiration mosaic for that swap! I just love these minis!!!!
I am working on a book review for you guys and will have it up soon, just been EXTREMELY busy the past couple of weeks!
I FINALLY GOT ALL MY STITCHES RIPPED OUT  of the Nightshade quilt! YAY!!! *jumps for joy*    I'm working on quilting it tonight, hoping I'll have it completely FINISHED by Wed (my next off day). I am so far behind deadline it's ridiculous!!!
Anywho....the bee planning is coming along great! Can't wait to start sign ups! I hope we will fill up pretty quick, that way we can start with the first 2 in Jan.
Gotta get back to quilting!!!
~Hope y'all are having a great day!!!~

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Keep your eyes open

For the sign ups for the quilting bee!!! I have found someone to be my "co-host" and we are currently working on the details! I will post here as soon as we have sign ups open!
The details that I know:
We will need 10 more members
You will have to have an active Flikr account
and you will have to make a commitment to make 2 blocks per month for 6 months! Not too bad, huh?

I'm really hoping we can get this thing started right, and hopefully it will be a continuous bee, meaning every 6 months there will be a new round starting! Hopefully it will all work out!
Thank you guys for your continued support!!!
Hopefully I'll be able to share a few of my soon to be finishes with you soon!!!!
~Hope y'all are having a great day!~

Monday, November 12, 2012

Opinions Needed

Alright guys, I need your opinions please!
I'm thinking really hard about starting up a quilting bee. I want to join one but can never find one that has an opening until it's already filled!!!! Sew, my idea is either a 6 month bee that has 12 members so each member would be making blocks for 2 other members every month or a 12 month bee that has 12 members and each member would make 1 block a month.
Butttttt, I need some if anyone at all is interested in being kind of like a co-host to help me plan this thing down to the nitty gritty I would greatly appreciate it! (That would mean we would be able to get it started A LOT sooner than if I was planning it on my own!!!!)
I have some of the details or rules (whatever you want to call them) planned out already, but I would like to get with someone else that's interested and hear what they think.
If I have enough interest for a bee that is!
Sew, what do you all say? Good idea, bad idea? Go for it, don't go for it? Interested in joining up or helping me out? PLEASE LET ME KNOW!

I don't have a theme so to speak picked out or a name or anything like that....YET!!!!!
If I have more than one person interested in being a co-host I will choose as a first come first serve type that means the first to comment saying they wanna help out will be my "Co-Host"!!!!

I really really really wanna do this, but I really really really need a little help! I think it will be tons of fun and we can end up with some GORGEOUS quilts out of the deal (what beats a gorgeous quilt?)

Anywho, please let me know if you're interested AT ALL in this (no commitment, unless you are wanting to be Co-Host!)

~Hope y'all are having a great day!!~

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I have an issue....

With all of my DEADLINES!!!! I've been working my butt off trying to get 3 things finished up, UGH! It's just not coming together! I still have yet to finish the Nightshade quilt, picking stitches out TAKES FOREVER!!!!! I've got the general concept for my Hoop-la-la partner's item, but I'm not liking it at all!

Here was my initial fabric pull. Loving the rainbow! But my partner didn't agree with the Keep Calm bit, so I took it out! And this is what I have so far...

I just can't get that circle good enough! It's driving me CRAZY!!! The fabric is just glued down for the time being, I'm waiting on my partner to tell me if she's liking this or not. (No, she doesn't know it's for her, but she's pretty good about commenting!) I have tomorrow left to finish this bad boy!!!!! YIKES!
And then I have until the 10th to get together my little secret project. If you want to find out more about it you can go here to Fluffy Sheep Quilting's website and sign up for Cindy's newsletter and just maybe you will see something from me in it! *wink wink*

Her are the fabrics I'm using. (I know, I can't help but loving the rainbow of colors!!!!)
I'll show you more sneak peaks as it comes closer to being published! I'm actually just about done with it though! *squeal*

Now for the book review....I've only had 3 votes, 2 for Tula Pink's book and 1 for Sew to Swap. I NEED MORE VOTES PEOPLE!!!! Let me know which one you'd rather me do a review on first!

Now, I'm off to do some more sewing!
~Hope y'all are having a great day!

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Still not finished

I am so up the creek without a paddle!!! Remember how I said I had a deadline for the Nightshade quilt? Well, yeah, I got it finished finally!!! I got it basted and started quilting it....then things went downhill! I started to do some stippling on it and ended up BREAKING TEN NEEDLES!!!! That has never happened to me before!!!!! I don't know what in the world I was doing wrong, so since I was running out of needles I had to come up with a different plan! I pulled out my handy walking foot and started on the other side of the quilt. Doing wavy lines. Then started unpicking all that stippling. Let me just tell ya, IT TAKES FOREVER!!!! I was hoping and trying my best to get this thing done in time for the Bloggers Quilt Festival, but it didn't happen! :( Oh well, maybe next year!

Here is a pic of one of the needles. Anyone know what I did wrong? One of my lovely friends on IG said that I was moving the fabric too fast and not giving the needle enough time to make a complete stitch. I dunno!!! I've done stippling on quite a few projects and have NEVER had this problem! But this is a huge quilt!
I'm still in the process of unpicking all these dang stitches! Thanks for MIL cuz she's helping me out with it! She likes doing things like that. That same friend on IG said it took ONE hour of unpicking for EVERY 10 min of stitches! UGH! I've been working on unpicking for FOUR days now! Thankfully, the person buying this quilt is being very understanding! But I want it DONE! I have a ton of other projects that I need to be working on!

There is the quilts before I basted them. I had to enroll the help of my hubby and one of his friends to baste this bad boy. I had to use my living room wall!!! It worked though! :)

I love the way it turned out though! (Sorry about the pics, my camera is still broken so all I have is my phone!)

I finished up my Modernista swap and got it in the mail!!!! The pic above is the mini I made for my partner! I really really hope she likes it!
I hope everyone stayed safe during this terrible storm! This is a pic of the doppler radar around my area. It looked like it was going to be bad here but thankfully we didn't get ANYTHING! It rained a little and the wind was kinda strong but as far as the snow coming that they were predicting, didn't get a drop! Now a place about an hour away got around 2 ft!!!! By the doppler it looks like it hit everywhere around me!

Tell me which book would you like to hear about next? I've got 2 new ones that I've bought recently. Sew to Swap or Quilts from The House of Tula Pink? I've started looking through both of them and they both seem pretty good. So whichever one gets the most votes in the comments I will review and have the review ready hopefully by the end of the week! So please leave a comment and tell me which one you'd rather me do first!!!

~Hope y'all are having a great day!~