Friday, May 16, 2014

Blogger's Quilt Festival : ROYGBIV entry

        It's that time of year again! Yep, you know what I'm talking about.... the WONDERFUL Blogger's Quilt Festival!!!!!

      If this is your first time visiting my little spec on the internet, WELCOME! I'm so glad you decided to stop by! My name is Kelie and I have been sewing/quilting for around 2 1/2 years now. I'm addicted to everything about creating a wonderful quilt or anything quilt/sewing related! If you wanna know a little bit more about me you can find out here or if you'd like to see any of my other creations you can see those here. (or just click the "About Me" tab and the "Finished Quts" tab...which I'm working on getting completely updated)
      But you are here to see what I quilt I decided to enter into the Festival, huh?

             Let me tell you the story behind it! A friend of mine (Karie) and I decided since we both loved rainbows so much plus each other's work why not do a little swap between ourselves? I don't know if any of you have ever done a swap before but let me tell you, I'm my most creative when I'm making something for someone else. I want to make something that I love sooo much that I would be thrilled if I received it. So, I always push my boundaries. This is what I created for that swap.
           It's very simple patchwork but I have never seen another one like it before! I absolutely hated giving this one away (I already have plans to make one for myself)!!!!


        It's made up of around 686 1.5" blocks! I didn't want a stark white background, so I went with Low Volume prints. It was really fun to see this come together, block by block.

             It took me forever trying to figure out how to quilt it! In the end I decided to go with an all over loopy design, kind of reminded me of the wind blowing (don't burst my bubble!!!)

              These blocks are so little, my wonderful (but small) label even covered 2 of them! But just like I knew she would Karie absolutely LOVES it! (I'm gonna ask her if I can use one of her pics of it hanging on her "mini wall" it looks awesome there!

                   I backed it in one of my favorites, Britten Numbers!
      I hope you guys love this quilt as much as I do! I can't wait to make another one! (Maybe I'll even take you guys along for the ride on my YouTube Channel..... stay tuned for that!


            Anywho, I would ABSOLUTELY love you forever if you loved my entry enough to nominate it! It's going into the ROYGBIV category!

Quilt Stats
-Size approx 14"x28"
-Designed, Pieced, and Quilted by Kelie Copas (me)

Thank you guys soo sooo much for stopping by! Don't forget to go check out all of the other amazing quilts entered into the Blogger's Quilt Festival (and vote for mine!)

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Friday, May 9, 2014

Asking for advice!

   Hey guys, I need your opinions/advice! I'm trying to work on creating a video QAL sampler style geared specifically for beginners. I kind of what to create my own blocks, but I think it might be easier if I went with some simple traditional blocks, just with a modern spin. What would you all prefer to see? I'm going to make it super simple so that I know without a doubt a very beginner will be able to make these blocks. But I also want to be able to teach a different technique with each block.

   So, what do you all think? Do you have any block recommendations? Any ideas for it AT ALL would be GREATLY appreciated!!!

   P.S. I've got a mini quilt that I am beyond excited to share with you guys very soon! I believe I'm going to be doing a tutorial on how I made it too! I got a great response when I shared the WIP on social media (and I made it as part of a swap and really really loved it, so I have to make one for myself!)

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   Thank you for all of your help!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

How To Make a Basic Zipper Pouch

        Hey guys! I've been slaving away at my computer for the last 2 days so I could get this video and pics edited for this tutorial!
       I know a lot of people who are learning how to sew/quilt are intimidated by zippers, there is really no need to be! So, to show you just how easy zippers really are I wanted to show you how to make a basic zipper pouch!

      The video and the tutorial are a bit on the long side, but it's for a reason! I wanted to go over each and every single step to make sure you could watch the video/read the tutorial and go make yourself a cute little pouch!

    I will be bringing you different variations of zipper pouches in the future, so I figured we better get the basic one out of the way first! I hope you enjoy the video/tutorial and if you have ANY questions what-so-ever don't hesitate to leave me comment asking, because I'm sure if you are thinking it, someone else will be to!!!!

   Check out my video tutorial right here! I would LOVE for you to subscribe to my my channel!

   Enough with the babbling, let's get going with the tutorial!!!!

The materials you will need are:
-Exterior Fabric measuring 4.5"x6"
-Lining Fabric measure 4.5"x6"
-Interfacing of choice (I use Pellon Shape Flex 101 aka SF101) measuring 4.5"x6"
-Fabric Scissors
-Washable Glue Stick (I use Elmers Glue Stick but you can use whatever you have)
-Zipper measuring at least 7" or longer (it can always be cut down to size)
-A Blunt tip object (for poking out corners)
-Basic sewing supplies (machine, thread, iron, needles)

  First thing to do is get your interfacing fused to the WRONG side of your lining fabric. Just follow the manufacturers instructions for this. (I show you my way in the video). If you have a label add it after the interfacing.

Next, place a thin strip of glue to the top edge of the RIGHT side of your lining fabric

Place your zipper RIGHT side facing you with the zipper pull on your left and press it into place with your fingers. (I press it down for a few seconds to make sure the glue is adhering to the zipper tape)

 Add a thin strip of glue to the top edge of the RIGHT side of your exterior fabric and place onto the zipper.

 Your zipper will now be sandwiched between the right sides of your exterior and lining fabrics

  I use my regular 1/4" foot and sew the zipper into place using a 1/4" seam allowance. You can use a zipper foot if you want, but it's just as easy to use your 1/4" foot. Just make sure you use a 1/4" seam allowance with whichever foot you choose to use.

Press your exterior and lining fabrics AWAY from your zipper teeth. (they will be WRONG sides together at this point)

  Repeat for the remaining fabric. Lining fabric facing RIGHT side up, zipper facing RIGHT side up the pull will be on your right this time, and exterior fabric RIGHT side DOWN.
  Once you do that you should have something that looks like the above picture.

 Now we are going to top stitch along the edge of the fabric so that none of them get stuck in the zipper when we open it and it gives it a more professional appearance. Use 1/8" seam allowance.

  UNZIP YOUR ZIPPER!!!!! VERY IMPORTANT!!!!!!!!!! Unzip it until around 1.5" away from the edge of your fabric.


   Fold Exterior fabrics RIGHT sides together and Lining fabrics RIGHT sides together and pin into place. Make sure you leave a 3" to 4" gap in the lining so you'll be able to turn your pouch right side out. (FYI I like to have my zipper teeth facing the lining fabric, I am not really sure why I do this, it's just how I make mine. The teeth need to be facing the same way either lining or exterior.)

   You will start your stitching on the lining side, using a 1/4" seam allowance and backstitching when you start and stop! The arrows are showing you where to start and stop stitching.

   Trim off any excess zipper and clip your corners to reduce the bulk. (and so we can have nice and pointy corners) Make sure not to cut into your stitching lines!

    Find the opening you left in the lining and start pulling your pouch right side out. It will look a hot mess for a good minute but just be patient, it will come together, I promise!

   Using your blunt tip object (can be a chop stick, embroidery scissors, or anything else you have on hand) poke your corners out. Make sure you have your zipper poked out as well!

   Fold your opening in 1/4" to match your seam and pin into place. Using a very small seam allowance stitch your opening shut.

  Push your lining into your pouch and VOILA YOU ARE DONE! Easy peasy right?

PLEASE let me know if you have any questions or if any part of this tutorial doesn't make sense to you! And let me know if you'd like to see other variations of the zipper pouch! I really do love to hear from you guys!

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Thursday, May 1, 2014

Finally, Good Quilt Pics!

Hey there!!! How is everyone? I'm doing great! I just got back (on Sunday) from one of the most amazing weekends ever...AKA The Stash Bash! It was so great seeing all of my online friends in person....the online community of quilters and sewers is beyond amazing! I'm working on editing pics and VLOG footage from the weekend so stay tuned for that.

     But today I am here to show you some pretty pictures! You may be tired of seeing this quilt but I just had to get some better pics of it. I refused to wash or use it before I did. Sew, I drug my quilt holder (aka my wonderful hubby) out and we headed down to one of my favorite spots not far from our house. It was right at sunset which I think added a nice look to the pics!

    Remember seeing this before? Maybe you remember this post where I talked all about the pattern which is called Color My World by (one my favorite desingers) Elizabeth Dackson of Don't Call Me Betsy.
   Or you could remember seeing it from this post as part of the Blogger's Quilt Festival.
   Either way, I had to share it AGAIN! I never get tired of looking at this quilt! It's just so colorful and happy and (I think) perfect in every way!
    I'll just shut up now and show you all the pretty pictures!

(I love these steps!)

   And of course my pretty girl had to get in a few of the pics....this one is my favorite tho!


   I've been doing a lot of prep work for an upcoming IG sale, so if you don't follow me there you really should! (@craftnursequilt)
   I've also been working on some more videos for my YouTube channel I'm hoping to have one ready sometime tomorrow....this editing thing really gets me. I'm slowly getting the hang of it though!

   I hope you enjoyed seeing more pics of this quilt! I'll be back soon with a sneak peak of a tutorial I'm going to be working on very soon!!!!

I'll be linking up with Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish It Friday!

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