Saturday, November 3, 2012

Still not finished

I am so up the creek without a paddle!!! Remember how I said I had a deadline for the Nightshade quilt? Well, yeah, I got it finished finally!!! I got it basted and started quilting it....then things went downhill! I started to do some stippling on it and ended up BREAKING TEN NEEDLES!!!! That has never happened to me before!!!!! I don't know what in the world I was doing wrong, so since I was running out of needles I had to come up with a different plan! I pulled out my handy walking foot and started on the other side of the quilt. Doing wavy lines. Then started unpicking all that stippling. Let me just tell ya, IT TAKES FOREVER!!!! I was hoping and trying my best to get this thing done in time for the Bloggers Quilt Festival, but it didn't happen! :( Oh well, maybe next year!

Here is a pic of one of the needles. Anyone know what I did wrong? One of my lovely friends on IG said that I was moving the fabric too fast and not giving the needle enough time to make a complete stitch. I dunno!!! I've done stippling on quite a few projects and have NEVER had this problem! But this is a huge quilt!
I'm still in the process of unpicking all these dang stitches! Thanks for MIL cuz she's helping me out with it! She likes doing things like that. That same friend on IG said it took ONE hour of unpicking for EVERY 10 min of stitches! UGH! I've been working on unpicking for FOUR days now! Thankfully, the person buying this quilt is being very understanding! But I want it DONE! I have a ton of other projects that I need to be working on!

There is the quilts before I basted them. I had to enroll the help of my hubby and one of his friends to baste this bad boy. I had to use my living room wall!!! It worked though! :)

I love the way it turned out though! (Sorry about the pics, my camera is still broken so all I have is my phone!)

I finished up my Modernista swap and got it in the mail!!!! The pic above is the mini I made for my partner! I really really hope she likes it!
I hope everyone stayed safe during this terrible storm! This is a pic of the doppler radar around my area. It looked like it was going to be bad here but thankfully we didn't get ANYTHING! It rained a little and the wind was kinda strong but as far as the snow coming that they were predicting, didn't get a drop! Now a place about an hour away got around 2 ft!!!! By the doppler it looks like it hit everywhere around me!

Tell me which book would you like to hear about next? I've got 2 new ones that I've bought recently. Sew to Swap or Quilts from The House of Tula Pink? I've started looking through both of them and they both seem pretty good. So whichever one gets the most votes in the comments I will review and have the review ready hopefully by the end of the week! So please leave a comment and tell me which one you'd rather me do first!!!

~Hope y'all are having a great day!~


Jamie Lee said...

That is really bad luck with the needles. I've broken a few but never that many. Sorry I can't be more help. I've picked out quilting quite a few times and that is tedious. That's so nice you have help. I usually save it for long car rides and put the little threads right out the window so they don't get everywhere.

I vote for the Tula pink book.

Carla Bynum said...

Hi!!! Glad the bad storm went around you!!! Love the mini and your big quilt looks like it will be awesome!!!!

Rosemary said...

I have always tried to figure out why ripping out stitches takes so darn long! We've all had to do it. Wish I could tell you why your needles broke but I have no idea. I've broken some but not that much at once. You'll get it done soon!

Sallie said...

Quilts from The House of Tula Pink

SewLisa :o) said...

Do you think that maybe you got a bad batch of needles?

I am intrigued by the Sew to Swap book. It's something I am interested in lately.


Amanda ~ A Crafty Fox said...

That Nightshade quilt is amazing! I'm sure the person you are making it for is going to love it!

And I'm glad you stayed safe in that storm. The stories of suffering in the hardest hit areas are breaking my heart!