Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Make It Modern is here!!!! (And so is my block)

I am so excited!!! It's the first of the 2013 and MY QUILTING BEE HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED!!! YAY!!! *jumps up and down*
So, I thought about what block I wanted LONG AND HARD, and I decided I wanted to go simple but modern. So what's better than a wonky log cabin? Truth be told, I'm a little obsessed with Elizabeth Hartman *blush* and I ABSOLUTELY L-O-V-E her class on Craftsy it's called Inspired Modern Quilts and it is really just amazing!!! (If you are reading this the day I posted it the class is on sale RIGHT NOW for only $19.99 from $39.99 and I HIGHLY RECCOMEND IT to anyone who wants to learn ANYTHING about modern quilts, improv piecing, and quilting!!!! Seriously, I'm not getting paid for this, I was just going there for the link and saw it was on sale, and for real, it's a killer class!!!!)
But okay, I told you all that to tell you this, I took "inspiration" from her Wonky Log Cabin class! She has serious talent and style!!! But if you don't know how to make a Wonky Log Cabin there are tons and I do mean TONS of tutorials out there for them! Here's a few links:
Tallgrass Prairie Studio's can be found here
Quilt Dad's can be found here
Ellison Lane Quilts' can be found here
Hopefully you can take something from each of those, and what I'm about to tell you and make a FANTASTIC BLOCK!!!!
Want to see mine? I know you do!
I LOVE the way this turned out! Just like I had pictured!!!!
I didn't do up a tutorial since there are already so many great ones out there, so I'll just tell ya a little about what I did!!!!
I first selected my print fabrics (I had a color scheme in mind!)
Then I selected my solids, although I don't have a pic of all the solids with the prints, here is what I took! (I really need to start thinking ahead!)
So, my color choices (and it'll be okay if you just have "close enough") Are orange, mustard to a gold yellow, and blue (the blue can be as dark as this print to an aqua I love a good variety!!!!) I added Kona Snow (but any white, or off white will do) for a little frame to make it pop and the one color I really would love if everyone could use (because it's my sashing color) is Kona Steel. If you can't get your hands on some, just let me know!
Then I cut a "center" square. It can be anywhere from 3.5"-5.5" and went from there.
As you can see, I went for the WONKY angles! And I didn't technically do the "rings" and you don't have to either. I'd really love for you guys to get as creative as you'd like with this block! I'd like more solid than print if you have it, it doesn't have to be different colors of blue, it can be a mix of yellows, oranges, and blues, or one of them or all of them!!! I'm not hard to please!!!! I promise!
This is my block before I added my "sashing". As you can see, if you just have little bits of a print you can easily add it into the block for a fun look! (I got this all from Elizabeth's class!)
Here is another close up. I'd also like it if you can off center your "middle", it can be like mine in the bottom left of the block or the bottom right, top right, top left, however you want to do it! Seriously, let you imagination run wild with this one! If you have any questions what-so-ever do not hesitate to e-mail me or call me or post it on the Flickr thread!
I can NOT WAIT to see what you guys come up with!! I know these blocks will be FANTASTIC! As will be the quilt! I'm so excited!!!!
Oh, btw did I mention we are going to be having some giveaways for our Bee???? There will be one SPONSORED giveaway a month!!!!! And maybe at the end of this thing, we may be having a rather large giveaway(s), ya know, just saying!!!!
This month's sponsor will be the wonderful Southern Fabric! All you have to do to be eligible is send your block on time (or before) the deadline!!!!! Which is the last day of the month! I will have another blog post all about our sponsor probably halfway through the month, or maybe when we announce the winner (the first day of next month) not sure yet!

So, are you guys as excited as me? I can't wait to get crackin' on Samantha's (my co- Queen's) block!!!!


✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

Oh how I *love* log cabins! This will be fun!

Melissa said...

I love the way your block turned out! Lovely!

stitchingandbacon said...

I love your block! I am totally going to make this, right now (no joke, I have today off and quilting is my favorite way to spend a free day). One question, do you have a particular finished size in mind?

audrey said...

Yay! I'm so excited to get started on this. I love log cabins, though I've never tried a wonky one. It'll be an interesting task! :)

Nurseli said...

Love your block. The colors are great. One question though (and maybe I missed it in my tired overworked haze): is there a finished size you are going for here?

Jenniffier Kramer said...

Super cute... I have oranges and blues/aquas but I am not to sure on the mustard yellow.... I will have to take a closer look at my stash. I may have some hiding in current project that I haven't finished cutting. If so I guess that means I will have to cut that project so I can get the fabrics back. See your helping me get my projects done. :)