Monday, February 18, 2013

An Uh-Oh and an announcement

Yep, big Uh-Oh!! I have a new addiction! And that's bad! Once I become addicted to something, that's it, I'm done for! So, what is my new addiction you ask?    ONE WORD:
Yep, I love 'em! I've recently just finished up the Doll Quilt Swap! Wanna see what I made for my Partner?
This is the front of it!
And that's the back. It's sooo hard to give up though! I love it! I see making another one similar to this for myself in the near future! I hope my Partner loves it as much as I do....and I think she will!!!! I can't wait to see her response once she receives it! I also made her a little mug rug that I hope she will like.
I've also recently joined 2 more Flickr swaps and 1 private swap. (I'm up for a private swap ANY TIME just incase any one wants to know!)
The first one is round 3 of Modernista Homemade and for this round we are doing the living room! What did I request? Well, of course A PILLOW! I have none, zero, zip!!!! And I'm in DIRE need of one, or two, or ten!!!!

Here is the mosaic I made for my Partner to find some inspiration! I love everything about each of these photos, the colors, the designs, the fabrics! I'm not hard to please so I think who ever my Partner is will do just fine!

I just finished signing up for round 2 (but my first round) of Sew Sew Modern !!! In this swap you can request one large item and your Partner has to make or buy something that coordinates with the large item. So like, a sewing machine cover and pin cushion, or table runner and napkin rings. (I'm using the examples from the rules) But I've requested either throw pillows (CUZ I NEED THEM!) lol or a sewing machine cover (because I haven't mustered up the courage to make on for myself yet!)
Yes, this is my mosaic for SSM, and it is very similar to the Modernista mosaic, but I LOVE these designs!!! My color request for this one is either a blue (aqua), orange, and gray or a rainbow. And I'd be happy with either/or!!!!
I also am doing a private pillow swap with a friend from IG!!! And yes, we are swapping PILLOWS! LOL!
This is my fabric pull for her, and she chose the Charcoal gray to go along with those pretty pinks and purples! (top right) I can't say I blame her! I can't wait to see what her choices for me are!!!!

I am inlove with IG (insta gram) and if any of you have IG and are not yet following me, you can find me under the name CraftNurseQuilt! I post lots and lots of pics on there! But, I just recently hit....
TWO HUNDRED followers!!!!
*Happy dance* So, for miss PrettyPenny7 I am very thankful! So much so that I'm going to send her a little goodie of some sort!!!! Thanks again!!!!

On another note, I've been having a few requests to join my quilting bee, so I've thought long and hard about this and I've decided that IF there is ENOUGH interest I'm happy to start another "hive" and it will consist of the same rules as the one I'm running now. So if you are interested in joining leave me a comment telling me so! 11 people is all I need and I can get the show on the road! If you need to find out about the rules go here to read a little more about it!
I hope to hear from you guys soon!!!
~Hope y'all are having a GREAT day!!~


✾Jamie Lee Cooley✾ said...

The swap quilt you made is so pretty and modern! Sounds like you are having fun with all the swaps!

jeifner said...

Sounds interesting, love swapping. When I click on "here" it says I'm not allowed to access it. Aw well.

Rebekah B. said...

LOVE all the projects, especially the doll quilt! I'd be so tempted to keep it for myself as well. How do you find out about all your swaps?

I had the same problem as Jeifner... when I click "here", is says I'm not allowed access. Is there another way to learn more?