Friday, June 14, 2013

My Modern Mini Entry

I'm showing you guys this again as my entry in the Modern Mini Quilt Challenge hosted by the oh-so-lovely Jennifer of Ellison Lane Quitls

If this is your first time visiting me I am SOOOO glad to have you stop by! Take look around and stay a while! I hope you'll come back, I've got some fun plans coming together for the future!!!!

What Mini am I going to enter? Well, that was a tough decision! Of course, when I'm faced with a tough decision like this I LOVE to rely on my wonderful InstaGram friends! They helped me decide on....
.....this. Which fits perfect since the challenge was to challenge yourself with something new. I did this in several ways. Not only with the Dresden itself but with my FMQ....the echoing you see inside the center circle, yep that was a big challenge for me, and also I wrote up my very first tutorial (link to it is further down)!

I love this mini!!! This is the second Dresden I've ever made! I made my first one (almost just like this one) for one my Bee members. I got some really good feedback on IG for it and a few people asked me to share my process....which is why this one was made! If you would like to read about my process you can click here and see my very first tutorial! (yes, I'm kinda proud of it!)

I don't like the look of a single fabric backing so I took my leftover scraps and made a "crazy pieced" backing, I LOVE the way it turned out too!

I'm not too great at the whole FMQ thing, so I tried to "echo" inside the inner circle quarters, it turned out okay, but not what I wanted so I decided to stipple the rest of it. I'm happy with the results!

Here is a close up of the backing!

I hope you like my mini!!! You can always go check out all the other AMAZING modern mini quilts that joined this challenge right here! 

Finished Mini measures about 16" square. Hope you all like it as much as I do!!!!

~Hope y'all are having a GREAT day!!!~


Jennifer Mathis said...

Such a fun mini and I'm glad you went with this one! :) Thanks for entering the Modern Mini Challenge!

Carolyn said...

Love your mini! I love circles in quilts and your black and white dresden plate is so pretty. You did great with the FMQ, too!