Wednesday, July 10, 2013

The End of a Great 6 Months

It's July already!?!?! Wow! This year is FLYING by (or I'm just too dang busy to sit back and enjoy it!) I really can't believe what a success my first Bee was! Make It Modern was the absolute BEST! The girls (a.k.a. my bee mates) are just plain AMAZING! I'm wowed by their creativity and skillz! I'm so happy to have made some new friends too!
(My block)

I want to say one thing though, I could NOT have done this without one amazing person helping me out. We did not know each other before this bee, but I am now proud to call her a great friend! Thank you SO SO SO SO SO SOOOOOO MUCH Jamie! If it wasn't for you, I don't think I would've made it through these past 6 months! I really appreciate all the hard work and all your effort that you've put into making this Bee a reality!
(Block for Licet)

I also want to say a HUGE THANK YOU to the WONDERFUL sponsors we have had for this Bee!!!!! And with that being said, I've tried and tried to make this last giveaway really special! I tried to have 12 prizes so each person could win at least once, but it didn't quite happen. That's okay though, at least EVERYONE in the Bee will win or have won at least ONE prize! (YAY!!!!)
So, who are our final sponsors and what is it they are giving away????? Very good question. Let's get this started out right!
(Block made for Karen)

The wonderful people over at Craftsy have joined in our sponsor pool and are offering 2 FREE CLASSES! YAY! That means 2 people will win a class of their choice! (and if you haven't heard me RAVE on and on about how much I love Craftsy you can go here or here to "hear" me rave!!!)
But on a short note, Craftsy offers a variety of online quilting classes as well as sewing and other craft related classes! Once you enroll in one of those classes you will have access to it FOREVER! They have an amazing platform set up that you can interact with your class mates and course instructor! They also offer a place to buy and sell your patterns! (Trust me, if you haven't already checked them out it is an ABSOLUTE MUST!)
(Block made for Kelleigh)

The wonderful people over at Pink Chalk Fabrics are giving away a $25 gift certificate so the winner can go pick out some amazing fabric! The gift certificate is good for ANYTHING in the shop! Pink Chalk offers a wide variety of modern fabrics for any crafting need, they offer some great patterns and notions too!!! Pink Chalk always has a great selection of sale items! Also, I recommend signing up for the Chalk Talk newsletter, you'll get awesome tutorials and inspiration delivered to your inbox on a regular basis!
(Block made for Jamie)

The Fat Quarter Shop is offering a $25 gift certificate too! The "FQS" is one of the most popular online quilting shops out there! They carry just about any style of fabric you can think of! I really do get lost browsing around in there sometimes. Not only do they have a HUGE selection of pre-cuts and yardage, they work with some of your FAVORITE bloggers to create custom fabric bundles! They offer a variety of clubs and programs so you can have layer cakes, jelly rolls, FQ bundles, charm packs, and so much more arriving at your door every month! They have a HUGE sale section too!
(Block made for Jenniffier)

Brenda and Jason of Pink Castle Fabrics are offering one lucky winner 3 Fat Eighth bundles! (which are perfect for Bees!) Pink Castle just recently opened the doors on their very first brick and mortar shop!!! (Congrats!!!!!) I love shopping with Pink Castle, their prices are amazing, they are at the top of their game when it comes to customer service, and their shipping is really fast! If you sign up for their newsletter you get amazing drool worthy fabric bundles in your inbox weekly! (and a little secret, they usually have some kind of special going on the weekends!) They've got some really cool "clubs" you can join too! Perfectly named "The Stash Stack" once a month you can get a variety of fabrics in one color arriving in your mailbox, every month is a new color! And if you want to build your solid stash, they have a club for that too!!!!
(Block made for Audrey)

The lovely Nichole of 1 Choice 4 Quilting is offering a $20 gift certificate for the winner to choose whatever they want from her AMAZING SHOP! 1 Choice offers a wide variety on your choice of pre-cuts, scrap bags (which are always fun to get!), yardage, quilt kits, and that's just to name a few things! The site is extremely easy to navigate and her prices are great too!!!! Trust me, go check the site out, you will NOT be disappointed!!!
(Block for Karen)

Winter Creek Cloth is offering a $25 gift certificate to our winner. The winner will be able to choose from a huge variety of fabrics! Their site is set up so you can browse through their drool worthy fabrics easily. You can choose to brows by collections, designers, pre-cuts, colors, and so much more!!! Plus shipping is super cheap! Only $5 to ship anywhere in the U.S.!!!!! Who can beat that? I got lost for a bit while browsing through their large selection!!! (please tell me I'm not the only one who does that?!?!)
(Block for Samantha, sorry about the horrible photo!)

And last but definitely not least Caitlin who owns the wonderful I Don't Do Dishes is offering a 2wenty Thr3e charm pack to one lucky lady! Caitlin carries a variety of fabrics to meet any quilting need. Her prices are amazing, shipping is EXTREMELY fast, and she is top of the line when it comes to customer service! So, if you've never checked her shop out, I highly suggest you drop what you're doing and go do so! You will NOT regret it!
(Block for Sarah)

I had a hard time deciding how to draw names, at first I was going to go the random number way but once I thought about it there was really no easy way to do it that way. So I did it the old fashioned way!!!!

I put all the names in my husband's hat and all the prizes in a "bucket" and drew. I figured that was the fairest way! Since there have been 5 winners already, I did hold their names for the very last drawing. That way I knew EVERY ONE in the bee would win SOMETHING!
(Block for Renae)

So without further ado the winners are: *drum roll*
Craftsy Class- Becky
Craftsy Class- Renae
$25 for Pink Chalk- Kelleigh
$25 for The Fat Quarter Shop- Jamie
3 Fat Eighth Bundles from Pink Castle- Kelie
$20 for 1 Choice 4 Quilting- Sarah
$25 for Winter Creek Cloth- Jen
2wenty Thr3e Charm Pack from I Don't Do Dishes- Samantha

Like I said earlier, this group was FULL of extremely talented ladies! I'm going to put a link here to each of their Flickr streams so you can check out some of their work!
Jamie Lee

(and if you are counting, yes, I'm a slacker and have not made one of the blocks. It intimidates me, and I think that is why I have put it off for so long. Thankfully my Bee Mate is understanding and knows that I'm in the process of making it! I'll update this post with a pic as soon as I get it done!)

Thank you to my Bee Mates again for a wonderful 6 months of block making fun!!!!
And a THANK YOU to all of our wonderful sponsors! We appreciate everything you all do for us!

~Hope y'all are having a great day!~


Samantha said...

Great post and when I got to the end I actually made a "SQUEEEEE" sound!! Woot! :D

I had a blast with this bee and though I'm skipping the next round but after I get all of my commissioned projects done I'll be joining a couple of things and I do hope you guys will be running something so I can join up!

Thanks for all you and Jamie did! You did a GREAT job!

Renae said...

I had so much fun with this! I hope that I can be part of a round 3 if you do it! I will have to start looking at some classes!

Karen P. said...

thank you for being such a great "bee mama"!! It was a great experience & I even learned a few things! ;-)lol
Congrats to the lucky winners!!!!!

Kelleigh said...

Woohoo! Congrats to us all. Thanks to your sponsors and for all of the work that you did for this bee.

stitchingandbacon said...

Thank you for being such a great organizer! I had so much fun, it was a great first bee experience for me. I have been so lucky to work with these wonderful ladies.

Newbie Jen said...

Aw, shucks! You are making me blush. This has been so fun, we should all be thanking you for the experience. Thank you!

Becky (My Fabric Obsession) said...

Thank you so much Kelie for all your hard work! I know what goes into organizing these and you have gone above and beyond with all these giveways as well!! I'm thrilled to get the craftsy class!! And I wish I could join you guys for another round. I'll keep you all posted when I have my quilt put together!