Thursday, November 7, 2013

I need Melody in my life!

There's nothing like cutting it close to a deadline huh? I like living on the edge! LOL! This post is my entry into the FANTABULOUS giveaway Amy is offering as part of the Blogger's Quilt Festival. What is this awesome giveaway you ask?

This wonderful sewing machine!!! The Baby Lock Melody!!!!! She wants to know why I want to win this gorgeous machine. Well, that is a pretty simple answer...Just look at her!!! She is GORGEOUS! Plus the features she comes with, WOW!

I can really see us together! We would make a wonderful couple! The things we could do together....I can just see it now! ;-)

I know that with my financial situations that I will probably not ever be able to afford such a wonderful machine. Soooo, that's one reason I want to win it! (to make it possible for me to own)

I think this machine could help me take my sewing and quilting to the next level! I've heard a lot about Baby Lock in general and have never heard one bad thing! I've heard their machines are durable, long lasting, quality machines!

This machine comes with a TON of accessories, really it comes with everything I could need! 189 built in stitches! You can customize your preferences as far as the stitches you like, drop in bobbin, 3 monogramming alphabets, need I go on and on? This machine really has it all!!!!

So, Amy, I NEED IT! I WANT IT! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! (no, I am NOT above begging for this gorgeous machine!!!!)

OH! BTW today is the last day to vote for your favorite quilts in the Blogger's Quilt Festival! So go vote for mine!!!!! In the ROYGBIV category it's number 45 (you can read my post on it here) and my other quilt is in the Group/Bee category and is number 4 (you can read my post on that quilt here) I am really hoping and keeping my finger's crossed that I win, just because I've never won anything from something that I've made! It would be so awesome!!!!

I will talk to y'all soon!!!!

~Hope y'all are having a GREAT day!!!~


Marjorie's Busy Corner said...

I hope you win this...I have the Melody along with Tempo and Tiara. The Melody is a fabulous machine.

Mike Pearson said...

hope you win!