Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bee Sew Modern

This is going to be short and to the point! I hope you guys are interested!

I have decided that I'm going to start another Bee!!! I'm having sooo much fun with Make It Modern I just can't wait to start another one! Sew, the details of this one are pretty similar to Make It Modern.
It's going to be a 6 month bee with 12 members, which means (if you decide to join) you will be making and mailing 2 blocks per month. I'm hoping to get this started by the first of April!
If you are interested in joining up you can click here to go to the Flickr group and read the rules and all that good stuff. The link to sign up is there too!
Just to let it out there, I will not be accepting everyone just because they signed up first! I've made a few requirements, so I will be reviewing everyone's submissions to make sure they meet those requirements. Of course, as long as you meet the requirements I will take people on a first come basis until I reach 12 members.
Once you are accepted into the Bee you will receive a welcome email from me with the details of when we start etc. I'm hoping that it will fill up as fast as Make It Modern did. That way I can get assignments out by the middle of March!

I hope you will consider joining me! A quilting bee is SEW MUCH FUN! I can't wait to see who all will join me!
~Hope y'all are having a GREAT day!~

Monday, February 25, 2013

Make It Modern Sponsor Quilt Taffy

Who is this month's sponsor for the Make It Modern Bee? Quilt Taffy!!!!
A little about Quilt Taffy: Owned and Operated by sisters, Corrie and Des out of their home state of Idaho!
They blog about all kinds of things over here, they call their blog "Taffy Talk"! I love their little saying about their blog.... "Taffy Talk is a kind of chewy blog, made by stretching and pulling a sticky mass of boiled creativity, butter-flavored ideas and coloring until fluffy....Much more than the left-over candy in your child's Halloween loot"
I think that is awesome! They have lots of free goodies on their blog too! You should really go check it out! You can also find them on pinterest and Facebook!
Their shop offers great prices on some of the newest fabric lines out there. They also carry patterns and notions. Browsing around their shop, here are some of my favorite things that they have...
2wenty Thr3e charm packs, layer cakes, jelly rolls, AND Fat Quarter bundles!!!!

Comma jelly rolls
Some really awesome metal coin purse frames
All of the precuts in the GORGEOUS Boho line!
They carry some really awesome quilt patterns too!!
Their customer service is great, shipping is fast, soooo...GO GO GO check them out!!!
What are they offering up to a member of Make It Modern? A charm pack of their choice!!!! YAY!!!
Of course, for a member of Make It Modern to be eligible they HAVE to have posted a pic of BOTH of their FINISHED blocks and have them in the mail by midnight on Feb. 28th! The winner will be randomly selected on March 1st!

All photos are property of Quilt Taffy.

Keep your eyes out for my next post about the new Quilting Bee I'm going to be starting up very soon!! I hope you'll join me!
~Hope y'all are having a great day!!!~

Monday, February 18, 2013

An Uh-Oh and an announcement

Yep, big Uh-Oh!! I have a new addiction! And that's bad! Once I become addicted to something, that's it, I'm done for! So, what is my new addiction you ask?    ONE WORD:
Yep, I love 'em! I've recently just finished up the Doll Quilt Swap! Wanna see what I made for my Partner?
This is the front of it!
And that's the back. It's sooo hard to give up though! I love it! I see making another one similar to this for myself in the near future! I hope my Partner loves it as much as I do....and I think she will!!!! I can't wait to see her response once she receives it! I also made her a little mug rug that I hope she will like.
I've also recently joined 2 more Flickr swaps and 1 private swap. (I'm up for a private swap ANY TIME just incase any one wants to know!)
The first one is round 3 of Modernista Homemade and for this round we are doing the living room! What did I request? Well, of course A PILLOW! I have none, zero, zip!!!! And I'm in DIRE need of one, or two, or ten!!!!

Here is the mosaic I made for my Partner to find some inspiration! I love everything about each of these photos, the colors, the designs, the fabrics! I'm not hard to please so I think who ever my Partner is will do just fine!

I just finished signing up for round 2 (but my first round) of Sew Sew Modern !!! In this swap you can request one large item and your Partner has to make or buy something that coordinates with the large item. So like, a sewing machine cover and pin cushion, or table runner and napkin rings. (I'm using the examples from the rules) But I've requested either throw pillows (CUZ I NEED THEM!) lol or a sewing machine cover (because I haven't mustered up the courage to make on for myself yet!)
Yes, this is my mosaic for SSM, and it is very similar to the Modernista mosaic, but I LOVE these designs!!! My color request for this one is either a blue (aqua), orange, and gray or a rainbow. And I'd be happy with either/or!!!!
I also am doing a private pillow swap with a friend from IG!!! And yes, we are swapping PILLOWS! LOL!
This is my fabric pull for her, and she chose the Charcoal gray to go along with those pretty pinks and purples! (top right) I can't say I blame her! I can't wait to see what her choices for me are!!!!

I am inlove with IG (insta gram) and if any of you have IG and are not yet following me, you can find me under the name CraftNurseQuilt! I post lots and lots of pics on there! But, I just recently hit....
TWO HUNDRED followers!!!!
*Happy dance* So, for miss PrettyPenny7 I am very thankful! So much so that I'm going to send her a little goodie of some sort!!!! Thanks again!!!!

On another note, I've been having a few requests to join my quilting bee, so I've thought long and hard about this and I've decided that IF there is ENOUGH interest I'm happy to start another "hive" and it will consist of the same rules as the one I'm running now. So if you are interested in joining leave me a comment telling me so! 11 people is all I need and I can get the show on the road! If you need to find out about the rules go here to read a little more about it!
I hope to hear from you guys soon!!!
~Hope y'all are having a GREAT day!!~

Friday, February 8, 2013

Dot Dot Dash- I DID IT!

I was lucky enough to be one of the pattern testers for Sara's new pattern Dot Dot Dash! I absolutely L-O-V-E the finished product! Isn't it pretty????? I'm not going to lie to you though, I fought with this bag, and I do mean FOUGHT with it! I gave up about 20 times and if it wasn't for Sara's encouragment (along with my VERY supportive hubby's) I wouldn't have finished it!!!
It wasn't because of the pattern, it was great! Very well written, and easy to follow (as are all of her patterns!) It was that inset zipper!!!!!! GRRRRRR!!!!

*calming breath*

I had never sewn one before and didn't think it would be as difficult (for me) as it was. But, I did it! And I couldn't be happier with the result of my labor!
I decided to use some prints from Valori Wells line Cacoon, which I absolutely adore, and a low volume gray to change it up a bit. I used Kona Steel for the lining. 

I was worried about being able to do this bag because of the curved accent pieces, but if I do say so, that part was literally a piece of cake!!!! Sara's instructions were soooooo easy to follow I didn't have ONE BIT of a problem with it!!!! Did I mention I LOVE THIS BAG?????

I love how it's got enough space to use for just about anything, seriously, it could be used for an everyday purse, a project bag (because the pockets themselves are very spacious, you could even fit a FEW projects in there!!!! And with the little accent pieces, they are perfect place for putting some hand sewing needles!), I could even see using this as a (very well organized) diaper bag!!!

Here is my baby girl modeling it for me! It almost swallows her! LOL!

I did the back almost the same as the front, I just LOVE it!!!!

All in all, I think this is a FANTASTIC bag/pattern. If you are a beginner I think it would be challenging but it CAN BE DONE! An intermediate to advanced seamstriss could whip this up without a hitch! I am not sure which category I fall into anymore, maybe advanced beginner?

Oh, one more thing, I did not use the adjustable strap that she gives the directions for, simply because I could not find the proper hardware locally. I didn't really have the time to order online. But I do plan on making this bag again and I will be making it with the adjustable strap. Of course I'll let you guys see it when I get around to it!

So head on over to Sara's pattern shop and pick up the pattern!!! While you are there she has also released the pattern for another FANTASTIC BAG! And I'm positive there is a BUNCH more to come!!!!

Thank you Sara for letting me test this pattern! I truly do love it!!!!

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Christmas finish

I really can't believe we are already on the FIFTH day of Feb!!!!!! This year is FLYING by already!!! WOW!
I accomplished at least a few of my Jan. goals. I am not very good at keeping schedules and what not, but I can say that I FINISHED a quilt! *Whoop whoop* I finished by Bee blocks and I also finished my Lucky Star Bom!!! (I haven't done the Pile O Fabric BOM because I really can't decide what fabrics I want to use, I'll get there, I'm just indecisive!)
So do you guys want to see my finished quilt? I am INLOVE with it!!! (I'm really glad I made it for me!)
I don't know why that pic is blurry, it turned out really good. Maybe it's because I resized it to be smaller????? Any who, u can look at my Flickr photo stream and see the pic above better, as well as any of the pics I'm getting ready to put on here!!!

I used a tutorial by the Missouri Star Quilt Co that can be found on their Youtube channel. Click here for the video. It's really easy and this quilt came together really quick! I wanted to make it a bit bigger and add a modern flair to it so I used this tutorial from Film In the Fridge and made a sort of "Converging Corners" border. I really love the way it turned out!

The fact that we actually had snow here in east TN was a miracle! I had to take advantage and brave the freezing cold temps to get some pics of this quilt in the snow!

Here is an up close of the front. I stippled the whole quilt!!!!! (I actually did a pretty good job too!)
I had bought random half yards of the fabric line and used them for a pieced backing.
It was getting dark out when these pics were taken, sorry! But I did use a REAL camera and not my Iphone!!!
I used some of the left over jelly roll strips to make a scrappy binding! All in all I really do love this quilt!!! I'm having a hard time even thinking about packing it up with the rest of our Christmas things and making it wait until it's Christmas time to bring it out!!! :( I may just keep it out anyways!!!!

So the stats of this quilt:
Fabric Used- Joy by Kate Spain and Moda White
Finished size (before washing)- 58" x 72"
Peiced and Quilted on my home machine

I'm thinking of using the left over blocks for a few pillows or maybe a small wall hanging?!?!? Any suggestions?

~Hope y'all are having a GREAT day!~