Saturday, July 21, 2012

New winner

I hate that I had to do this but....I've waited as long as I could with NO response from the winner of my 50th giveaway.
SOOOO I had to redraw! (I still haven't gotten my camera software on this new computer so I don't have any pics! Sorry!) But my random generators were VERY happy to draw me a new name!
And the NEW winner is:
MomC who said

Mom C said...
Actually, I've sewed forever but my DIL got me into piecing, FMQ and the whole quilting scene. Then blogs have opened my eyes to so much more. Finally I did get involved with our local guild and have attended several classes and retreats. But if it hadn't been for Happy Quilting Melissa, I wouldn't be doing what I'm doing today.

 Congrats!!!! Please send me your info so I can pass it on to Julie ASAP!!!! (I don't want to redraw yet again!)
~Hope y'all are having a great day!!!~


Wendy said...

Sorry to the no-show winner, but congratulations to MomC ... must be meant to be :) Kelie, you're doing some fantastic things and thank you for sharing!!

Mom C said...

What a nice way to end my Sunday. I was just closing down for the night and saw your email. Thank you so much. I will love, stroke, plan, dream and finally use the beautiful fabric from Intrepid Thread. I'm a fabric geek too. Thank you.

Hillbilly Tonya said...

I've just done a catch up on your posts. Sorry about a no show. Sometimes people get behind (like me); so I always contact them by email.

Anyway, how is your swap going? How many do you have signed up yet?