Wednesday, July 11, 2012

What I've been up to

Hello all! I'm having MAJOR difficulties with blogger right at the moment! I hope this post works.
First off, let me say WOWOWOWOWOWOW WOWZA at the response to my giveaway! It's amazing! I now have 200 followers!!!!!!!! I never even thought 100 was possible let alone 200!!!! So from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU GUYS SOOOO MUCH! I'm sorry I haven't been able to respond to all of the comments but I do promise I have read each and every one of them!
I figured some of you might want to see a little of what I've been up to. Soooo, Imma tell ya!
I made my own Needle Case! And when I say my own, I mean my own, not following a tutorial or anything, I just did it!

Here is the inside of it! And the reason I made it is because I'm going to start working on the Hexy MF QAL!!!! I hope I can do it!

Here are the fabrics I have picked out for it. And I'm cutting out my own paper pieces.

Very time consuming!!

I made an Open Wide pouch from Noodlehead's tutorial! I love her tutes! They are sooooo easy to follow! (My zipper tab looks awful though!) I'll make it better next time!

This is the front of my soon to be wall hanging, that's going over my sewing machine! It's not the best in the world, but I'm pretty proud of it! It's my first time EVER doing applique! I used heat and bond, makes it A LOT EASIER!!!!
I'm working on a layout for a pillow and not sure if I really like this one or not, but I dunno, we will see! I plan on doing a lot of sewing this weekend, got a lot of finishes I need to do before I start anything else. I'm working on quilting Shy's blanket, no pics of it yet though!

I got this in an email the other day, and I LOVE IT! I'm thinking of framing it! LOL! Yeah I know I'm a dork, but I'll own up to it!
Okay, so I have a question for you guys...I'm really really wanting to do a swap of some sort. But since I'm such a newby I don't want to get in too deep! I was thinking of starting up my own one on Flikr, like a beginners swap or something. But only if I have some interest from some of you. So what do you think? Anyone wanna join a swap of some sort if I start one? Would anyone be willing to help me in organizing it? If so, please leave me a comment and let me know! Well I guess that's all for now, and if you haven't already, go enter my giveaway! ( I would link to it but my computer is on the fritz!) You have a day or 2 left!
~Hope y'all are having a great day!~


Ali said...

Oh NO, I've had the tutorial from Noodlehead open in my web browser for the last couple of days. And I just saw that Keep Calm fabric the first time yesterday. And I've wanted to make a quilt with that pattern you're using on your pillow for awhile. I'd worry I'm copying you, but I have enough sanity left not to do that Hexy QAL :p

I'm in the middle of my first charm swap, and it was not bad since I just had to cut two yards - I sure wouldn't offer to help organize since I don't even know the meaning of the word, but I'll keep an eye out to see what you decide to do!

Josie McRazie said...

I LOVE a good charm swap if you are interested Bolo Head is hosting a Chirstmas in July swap! I have her info on a blog post! Check it out! I also host a Bee and if you are going to do one and need a sounding board PLEASE feel free to ask away!!

Mary said...

You have been busy!

I am having blogger problems, too. I couldn't comment on blogs at all. I downloaded Google Chrome and fixed my problems. Not my favorite browser but at least it works!

Good luck with the hexies. I never say never but I will say probably not. But more power to you!

Hillbilly Tonya said...

You've been up to some fun things! I don't know about noodlehead but I need to because I am a noodle head and easy talks. I am going to search for it now. Oh and congrats on 200!

Margaret said...

I don't have a blog but I love to join swaps if they are not too complicated. I joined the doll quilt swap and a bee block swap. they have been fun. I have also done several charm swaps which are really fun. I did one that was a 5x10 swap. That was good because I have a quilt pattern that uses those and I am trying to get a bunch of fabrics together to start and a charm swap is a great way to do it without having to buy a ton of small cuts of fabric.