Saturday, October 13, 2012

Time for some changes

So, guys, I've been thinking. Yes, I know this can be very dangerous for me to do, but sometimes I just can't help it! I've been thinking about this blog and where I am going with it. As of right now, I've been nowhere, just random tidbits here and there. Showing you projects I've created and doing A LOT OF RAMBLING! LOL!
   I'm thinking I want this blog to actually have a purpose of some sort. Of course it will continue to be a place for me to show you my creations and talk to you guys. But I want to DO SOMETHING with it. Ya know? Sew, with that being said, I'm not looking to try and make a fortune blogging, or even make any money blogging. I just want this blog to mean SOMETHING! Does that make sense?
    I'm not 100% sure where I'm going to go...but I think I know which direction I'm going to start heading in. Sew, with that being said I believe as a NEW quilter and a NEW blogger I can hopefully reach out to some of the other NEW QUILTERS and NEW BLOGGERS. Maybe my opinion won't matter, but then again JUST maybe it will?!?!?
     I'm going to start giving y'all some "reviews" of sort of some of the products/books that I already own. No one will be paying me to say any of the things I say, nor am I getting free products. The stuff I'm planning on reviewing is things I have PURCHASED!
   The first item on my agenda to review is a book I recently bought. I'm not ready to give you a full review yet, but it's coming, that I can promise!
    The book I'm going to be reviewing for you guys is:

Pretty In Patchwork by John Adams of Quilt Dad. He is an amazing quilter! I was so excited when I finally recieved this book! (It took like 2 weeks to get here!)
I am in the process of reading this book from COVER TO COVER! And will hopefully be able to post my review by the middle of the week!
Please leave me some comments!!!! Let me know if you think I'm heading in the right direction with this or not. If not, I'll take all the suggestions I can get!
Also, if anyone is interested in doing a  guest spot on here, I'd LOVE TO HAVE YOU! Doesn't matter the topic! Spread the word! I'm looking for guest bloggers to come and talk to my readers about ANYTHING they'd like!
~Hope y'all are having a great day!!~


Jo said...

Cool...but please keep up your nurse's notes..they are inspiring. My daughter s a CRNA and they help me to understand what an important role nurses play in our lives.

Gill said...

Great idea!
I love reading book reviews!

Fran said...

I like your idea of providing 'real' reviews of things actually purchased, a fairly rare thing in the world of blogging but very refreshing. I'm a fairly new quilter (definitely still working things out & I have lots to learn) & look forward to your new direction.

lauraluvsloons said...

I think it's a great idea. All things in life are easier when you have a focus, a direction to follow. It will be very helpful to read reviews of books that inspired you enough that you bought the book.

Margaret said...

I love your plan. I like to learn about new books, tools and techniques all the time. I am like a sponge for sewing and quilting, I just love to soak up knowledge. This can be dangerous I know but I really enjoy reading about this stuff and have enjoyed your blog so far and will continue to read. If I don't like where you are headed, I will let you know but for right now I think you are heading in my direction. Thanks.

Josie McRazie said...

I cant wait! I saw this book and it is on my list of must haves! I just recently got Geared For Guys and Sunday Morning Quilts! Working on one pattern from each right now!

alady farmer said...

I am new to quilting also & enjoy learning new things, thank you in advance for the reviews. I'm sure I will be learning lots of new things thru you. I enjoy reading your blog, keep up the good work.