Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Color My World- Pattern Testing

A little while back I got to do some more pattern testing! (I just love to test patterns, it makes me feel special!!!!) This pattern is called Color My World by Elizabeth Dackon. If you don't know who she is you should really go check out her blog, Don't Call Me Betsy! She is an amazing designer! I actually got to meet her when I went to The Stash Bash, to say I was "star struck" is an understatement!!!! She is really down to earth and a real sweet heart!!! She has published MANY patterns such as the Lucky Stars BOM (which I am really behind on), Wheel Of Fortune (I have big plans for this pattern), and Sew Positive (I love this one too!!!) On top of that she has a book being released in September of this can go pre-order it on Amazon through this link, it's called "Becoming a Confident Quilter" I'm sure it WILL NOT dissapoint!!! Anyways, she really is an amazing designer, blogger, and quilter, you should really really go check her out!!!
  Now, let's get on with the pattern I got to test! It's called Color My World and is now available for purchase here! (and if you hurry and get it before September 3rd you can get it on sale! ONLY $6!!!! I promise you will LOVE this pattern!!! Her directions are written very clearly, and super easy to follow! The pattern is block based and comes together REALLY fast!!!!
   When she first sent me the pattern I would just stare at the picture of her finished quilt.
As I was trying to figure out what fabrics to use I noticed the "circles" the pattern created. Then I became a little obsessed with them, so I knew my quilt had to make the circles POP, I think I did a pretty good job with making them do so!

If you guys know me at all you know that I love a scrappy rainbow! So, I took the time to draw out the pattern with graph paper and color it in the way I wanted it, so I could get the fabric placement JUST RIGHT! I had to make one block at a time to make sure that my fabrics were placed correctly, but even doing it that way did not take me long!!! I think this is one of my favorite quilts TO DATE!
There is a lot of different ways to make to this pattern your own! Elizabeth put a table in the pattern so you can see how she chose her colors and gave you space to add your chosen colors! And she took my advice and added a COLORING PAGE to the pattern!!! So, you can do what I did and play with the color placement and have a really good idea of what your finished quilt top will look like!!! (thank you Elizabeth!!!)

The quilt pattern offers 5 different size options! I made the lap size, but you could easily make the crib, twin, queen, or king!!! :-) I added a little bit of a thicker final border to my quilt so me and my Hubby can curl up under it and watch a movie together!
I am still trying to figure out what I should do for a backing, any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! I think I know how I'm going to quilt it, if I can make it work!
  This pattern was originally featured in Quiltmaker late last year, you can read Elizabeth's post about it here! She used Vanessa Christenson's first fabric line for her quilt. Which I think made a phenomenal quilt! The pattern is NINE pages FULL of tips that will help you plan and sew your top! I'm telling you, this is a MUST HAVE pattern! You can easily whip up a lap size quilt in 2 days! It's great for the beginner!!!

I just LOVE this quilt!!! I can't wait to finish it!!!! You can purchase this pattern through Elizabeth's Pattern Shop or through Craftsy and remember, it's ONLY $6 until Tuesday, September 3rd!!! (after the 3rd it will be $8) so if you go buy it NOW you can have a GORGEOUS quilt top DONE by the end of the long weekend!!!!!

I had a blast planning and sewing this quilt top! The pattern is amazing! I loved testing it out for Elizabeth!

Alright guys, I need your help, what would you do for the backing on my quilt? I need suggestions!!!!

~Hope y'all are having a GREAT day!!!~


Jan said...

I really love your version of this pattern. The color placement is perfect. Great job!!!!

Alicia said...

Looks beautiful. I saw this on her page, and your version was my favorite. It is amazing how one pattern can look so different just based on color choices.

Karin said...

That is really pretty. I love your choice of colours

Tanyia said...

I would not have even recognized the pattern, you did an amazing job with it and I love your clean modern take on it much more!