Thursday, August 8, 2013

I Finished a Quilt

       I'm back!!!! And I have another finish to share with you! Although, I have to be honest....when I first started making this quilt I was NOT feeling it (which I think is the reason it took me so long to make) but it HAD to be made! This was a "commissioned" quilt for my Mom's boss.. She'd KILL me if I didn't get this done!

          I'll tell you the story behind it (well a little bit of it at least). As some of you know my house caught on fire this past March. (yes this has NOT been a good year for me) I needed to make some money and fast, to help pay for the repairs that needed to be done, so I thought I could raffle a quilt!!! But I did it kind of backwards, I didn't have a quilt already made up. I figured people would be more willing to help out if I let them choose their own color scheme and design. Soooo, my mom's boss won that raffle! She was not very picky as far as the design went, she gave me the colors she wanted. The exact message I got from my mom was "She wants navy blue, light blue, white, dark brown, and a little orange. She wants a modern quilt but not wonky" So my friends, that left the field WIDE OPEN! I thought about it and thought about it and thought about it some more. I wanted something quick and easy.
   I don't know what came over me but I sketched out my design and went with it. The broken spider web blocks are NOT quick, however they are easy! Well, for me at least they weren't quick! This quilt turned out exactly like my sketch! First time EVER!!! I'm really happy with the way it turned out and SOOOO GLAD that I stuck it out instead of changing the design.

      I did a larger stipple all over the quilt (because that's my go-to stitch for quilting) and I had the entire thing quilted in less than a whole day! I did run into a few issues along the way though.

                         I decided to back this quilt with a sheet and I found this sheet at wal-mart and thought it was a perfect fit! It is a "Microtex" sheet. Please learn from my mistakes and if you choose to use a Microtex sheet DO NOT USE BASTING SPRAY!!!!! USE PINS INSTEAD! I spent around an hour basting this baby with 505 (what I use for all my basting) and when I went to start quilting it, the SHEET WAS NOT STICKING AT ALL!!!!! I had to go back and pin baste the entire thing!
   I don't know if I've ever told you that I am a procrastinator, in the worst way. In my hurry to get this thing done before my deadline I wasn't paying attention and ended up quilting some of the excess backing onto the actual quilt! Grrrr!!!! Ripping out quilting stitches IS NOT FUN! But, that's okay, I got it done and to my mom's boss before the deadline! YAY!!!

    She absolutely LOVES the quilt! Which of course made my day! I am so excited that this quilt is going all the way to California! She is gifting this to her son, she said he will LOVE it! She said that she wanted him to have a piece of his home (TN) out there with him, she also said I nailed it! And it just so happens that her son lives RIGHT NEXT DOOR to the one and only BLAKE SHELTON!!!!!!!! *squeel* When I found out about his next door neighbor I told her there was a stipulation to her son getting the quilt, he HAD to show it to Blake Shelton and tell Blake to give me a call so I could make him a quilt! (a girl can dream right?)

    I really am sooo happy with the way this quilt turned out!

    The bonus was that this quilt was mainly made from my scraps! YAY!

   I love the way it crinkled up after washing it! It was so soft! I didn't want to give it up, but you do what you have to!

           I think the binding really did the trick for me! :-)

    I do actually have some labels now (that's a whole different blog post) but she wanted me to sign it instead of using a label. She said it would make it more personal. So I put my name on it (it's really hard to sign fabric) and where it was made and the year.

Quilt Stats:
Size- After washing around 68" x 84"
Fabric used- random scraps and Kona for the solid brown (I don't remember the name of the color) and for the binding I used a print from Marmalade by Bonnie and Camille
Pieced and Quilted- by me on my home machine

I hope you guys like it as much as I do! I'm hoping to get some selfish sewing time in now so I can finish myself a quilt! I'll be ack soon though, got something else to share with you!!!!

~Hope y'all are having a GREAT day!!!~


Richard Healey said...

I love the quilt. I have been thinking about making a spiderweb block. I have heard mixed things some say they are easy and some hard. Do you have a preferred method of making them?

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Newbie Jen said...

great finish, Kelie!

jeifner said...

Well done! Commissioned pieces sometimes seem so difficult. The spiderwebs turned out great. And that stripey binding is perfect!

Mike Pearson said...

I never remember the names of my Kona ... lol... Glad to hear the sheet worked out (besides the basting) I have a few vintage ones that I am planning on using for backing. I've never tried it. Stipple is my go to also :) I need to try more variations!!! Looks awesome! thanks for sharing!... Mike.

Judy1522 said...

It turned out beautiful!

giddy99 said...

I love the design, the colors, everything! Fabulous job! :)

SeeLifeMarvels said...

It's a great quilt Kelie, and a nice story too. Sorry about your fire. Yikes!

I laughed about the procrastinator part, because that is SO me. Your Modernista Project...the block exchange for our guild meeting last weekend...