Tuesday, August 20, 2013


I was looking through some of the pictures on my computer today and it hit me...I NEVER SHARED MY FAMILY PICS WITH YOU GUYS!!!! *face palm* So this post is not going to be my normal post, it's going to inclue A TON of pictures of MY FAMILY :-) and not any of my current WIP or finishes. (those will come very soon, I promise)
So, go grab you a cup of coffee, glass of tea, or whatever you like and sit back and enjoy these LOVELY pictures!!!!
Disclaimer: I am NOT getting paid to write this post or share these photos. I am writing this post because I WANT TO, the photographer doesn't even know I'm writing it, yet (just sent him an email a few min ago). ALL opinions and views ARE MY OWN based on MY EXPERIENCE with this photography company. All pictures were taken and edited by the wonderful people of Affection Photography. Please respect their hard work!!!!

Okay, now that that's out of the way, let's get to sharing!!!!

Keep in mind that these photos were taken in October of last year! (I know, I'm late in sharing! I hope you forgive me!!!)

I found this company through Facebook last year. I emailed back and forth with Sean a few times before we did the session. Let me tell you a little bit about his company. They are called Affection Photography you can find examples of their work on their website, just click here. Their facebook page can be found here. The photographers are Sean, his sister Sonya, and wife Ashley. Our session was photographed by Sean and Sonya. I'm always a little weary when meeting new people, but let me tell you, these are 2 of the most down to earth people I've EVER met! I just loved spending the day with them! They are both VERY easy to talk to and they make sure you get the pictures you want! From what I can see they do A LOT of weddings, family pics, engagement sessions, and KIDS!

They let me choose the location, which I'm soooo glad I picked this one! (Laurel Run Park in Church Hill, TN) The weather was PERFECT, the scenery EVEN BETTER! :-) I can't say enough good things about this company. Really! Okay, enough with the blabbing for a minute, let's look at some pictures!

That's me and my Hubby!

We hadn't had our pics taken in around 3 years...it was definitely time!
I am sooo happy with these pics!!!

Sean and Sonya made it fun for the kids! I don't know about you guys but my kids get pretty cranky during photo sessions, but not this one! They were laughing and playing and having a great time, THE WHOLE SESSION!!!!

I think that this was one of their favorite parts...throwing the leaves.....

AT US!!!!! I got hit right in the face with a big pile of leaves!! Then was COVERED in leaves, but....it made a good pic, don't you think?

This is Dakota, my step-son. He is now playing football so all that hair is GONE (finally!!!)!!!! He is 13, turning 14 in THREE days! They grow up so dang fast!
Look at those gorgeous eyes!!!!
Yes, he's a big boy! He's taller than ME!!!!!

This beauty is Miss Shyanne, my step-daughter, she is 8 and will be turning 9 in FOUR DAYS! Gosh, this child has grown!!!
She had hair almost down to hair bottom, but decided she wanted to cut it ALL OFF! Now it's barely past her shoulders! :-( She is still adorable, but dang I miss that hair!

Yep, she's gonna be a heart-breaker!
This stud is my baby boy, Gabryel, he is now 6! Gosh, time flies!!! He is the sweetest thing ever!

I could just eat him! He's so dang cute!! I'm gonna be fighting the girls off with a bat when he gets older!

Do you see what I mean? Man, I'm in trouble! :-)
This is our baby, Jordyn, who is now 5! She is a handful to say the least! She tries to act all innocent, but don't let her fool you! She's the meanest one!!! :p
I get asked a lot if her hair is naturally that curly, and YES it is!! And it's not too fun to take care of either! Talk about a "rats nest" in hair, she gets about 30 a day! LOL!

So pretty!!!!!
So, that is my family. Again, these WONDERFUL pictures were taken by the AMAZING photographers of Affection Photography. If you are anywhere near the "Tri-Cities" (Kingsport, Bristol, and Johnson City), TN I STRONGLY suggest booking a session with these guys! They are FANTASTIC, their prices are very affordable, and I promise you will have the BEST time with them! It won't even feel like a normal photography session! I will DEFINITELY be booking another session with them for this year! If you decided to check them out tell them Kelie sent you!!!! I promise promise promise you will NOT regret it!!!!

I hope you enjoyed "meeting" my family, I really enjoyed sharing these pictures with you!!!!

~Hope y'all are having a GREAT day!!!~


Laura C @ littleandlots said...

These are stunning portraits! Wow! I love to put a face to a quilter's name, and what gorgeous photos to do that with.

I didn't know you are in tri- cities area! I am from there (my folks live in fall branch) though I am living north of Boston now. I really miss it there in the fall! Those leaves look like home to me.

Nikita said...

Gorgeous family pictures! and that hair... those are some beautiful curls. Like Laura C said.. it's nice to put a face to the quilter. Thanks for sharing : )

giddy99 said...

Gorgeous pics! I wish Affection Photography was closer to us (I'm 35 miles west of Nashville). :)

Ella said...

Fabulous pictures! It was so nice seeing all your family together.

jeifner said...

Looks like you all had a wonderful time!

Mike Pearson said...

Nice to meet everyone! I recognize some of your random number pickers!