Friday, August 10, 2012

Catching Up

How is everyone? Pretty good over here in my part of blogland! I know things have been pretty quiet around here, seems like I've had the choice lately to either sew or blog, when I have time (which is getting pretty dang rare!!!!)
Buuuuut, I got my schedule a few days ago, and it's looking better! No more 11 day stretches, or only one day off! YAY!
Now let me tell ya, the whole "fabric diet" thing I said I was doing....ummmm....yeah NOT EXISTING right now!!!! I went through my "stash" trying to find the brightest colors I could to make something for a private swap I'm doing....well. NOTHING! No colors! Just grays, blacks, and white/creams, with a little color on it! UGH! So what do I do? Spend $50 buying some fat eigths of rainbowy goodness!!!!
Pretty, huh? These are just strips of the FE's I bought! And HEEEEYYYY I DID IT! I just posted from my Flikr!!!!!!!! WAHOOOOOO!! Thanks to this post that I was referred to! It'll tell ya exactly how to do it, if you don't already know!
Now what did I do with these lovely strips?
At first I made a HUGE mess! As you can see!!!!!! :) I'm really good at doing that!
Theeeeen, look at what I did! I'm so proud!
Oh yeah! *happy dance*!!!! I did it! UH HUH! WAHOO!!!! LOL! I'm proud! This was my first ever attempt of foundation piecing! I think it turned out PURDY darn good!
(had to show at least one more IG pic of it!!!!!) The before is BEFORE I trimmed it, and the after is BEFORE I sewed the block together!

Now, where was I? Oh yeah "fabric diet".  I guess, I'll suck it up and show you what I've gotten! I LOVE fabric (just FYI incase you didn't know!)
Here is the FMF I was telling you guys about that I got for only $6.95 a yd! :) Couldn't pass that one up! And the solids are of course for my Kona Swap!!!
Here is what I got in today from Julie! Love that shop! A little too much, but it's okay!!!! Yeah, do you see what's on the right side of the pic? That's it, THE BIRDS AND THE BEES!!!!!!!! Love LOVE LOVE that line! I can't wait to eventually get some of the entire line. Which will happen, I promise! I just don't know how yet, but I will!
Did I show you all this mail day? It's been a while back that I got it but I LOVE IT! I love ALL OF IT! :)
I have a finish to share with you guys as soon as it stops raining long enough for me to take some good pics!!!! (Hopefully this evening or tomorrow some time)
Here is a pic of me binding it! Just a little tease!
Oh yes, I did that! I took a shirt that I never wear anymore and made it SUUUUPER cute! (If I've showed you already, sorry! I'm just proud!)

That's a little mosaic of a tote I made for a girl at work out of some John Deer cheater fabric! It's big enough to hold a 2 inch notebook and then some!

Alright, now that we've caught up for the moment....I really really do need your help! I'm trying to come up with a quilt for my step son and I'm completely lost! I was going to do a "coin" quilt but can't because I don't have enough fabric to make it big enough!
Here is the fabric. It's a FQ bundle of Robert Kaufman's Football Sport's Life. It includes I believe 12 FQ's and a panel. The panel I'm planning on using on the back of the quilt, but I am going to be adding some solids with this. I was thinking white blue and red, his fav colors and it would match perfectly! So what pattern or design should I use? I have an idea but I'm not sure how to take the idea from my brain and make it into a quilt!!!! Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!!!!
Well, I'm off to get some sewing done!

~Hope y'all are having a great day!~


Lisa Marie said...

Hyacinth Quilt Designs has a free pattern that I have used and I think it makes a great quilt. You would need to add a background fabric or two (maybe solid?) but I believe it could work for your fat quarters. The link is below. Have fun!

Jamie Lee said...

Your foundation piecing looks amazing! Ha ha about that diet!

Rosemary said...

Love the fabrics you bought! Simply gorgeous! Your foundation pieced block is perfect!! Can't help you out with the sports quilt. I have no idea!! I usually google patterns when I'm stuck.