Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Time to share....

Hello ALL!!!!! How is everyone? I hope all is well!
I can NOT believe that summer is this close to an end, school has already started, it's getting cooler at night, and WOW I can just feel the fall coming (it's in the air!!!)!!!!!! This year has FLOWN by for me, it's crazy how fast! I can hardly believe it!  I have a lot to share with y'all!!!! FINALLY! I know, right?
First comes first, sit down, get cozy, grab your FAVORITE QUILT, and get ready cuz I'm gonna bombard you with pics! Yep! But since I'm gonna do that how about......
a piece of cake? Don't like chocolate???????? Okay, fine, I've got something for you then!
I promise it's white cake! They are really cute though, huh? And yes, I am a UT fan, by default I reckon! I live in TN, therefore I'm obligated to like TN, right? Right! At least that's my defense! (for all you TN haterz! :p) haha!  And while I'm letting you have your cake, I figured I'd introduce you to a face that I don't capture often...he is now officially a TEENAGER!!!!!!!
Yep, the "dude" right there in the blue shirt behind the cake, that's Dakota, my oldest! Just turned a whopping thirTEEN on the 23rd. Did I mention he's a TEENager now? Lemme just tell ya, he's got the attitude part and the hating your parents part DOWN PAT! I promise! He's had to have had some coaching though, from where I'm not sure, but I sware to it!
Now....hmmmm....what to share next?

OOOOOOHHHHHH I know! My baby boy (my first born biological child) started Kindergarten this year *tear*! He was sooooo excited for school to start, that's all I heard about for weeks before school actually started! Soooo, of course I've got First Day pics!
I did good, I put it into a mosaic! Just to save you guys a LITTLE bit! I have about a thousand or so more, but these are some of the best! You see that smile? He wore that smile, from ear to ear ALL DAY!!!!! He was ready for me to leave, and even though he went to pre-K last year, IT WAS SOOOO HARD TO LEAVE! I'm not ready for my baby boy to grow up, even though it's happening right in front of my eyes. *sigh* it's so hard!

Okay, enough with the "sappy mom" stuff! Shy started her 2nd grade year!

She was pretty excited too!
I don't have any pics of Jordyn's first day, my camera was actually broke at the time, BUUUUT I do have them on my phone and will get you guys one ASAP!

I've made a kind of "vow" to myself that when making a project, whatever type of project it may be (a bag, a pouch, a quilt, etc) that I need to really try and step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself! I've done it so far, well, at least on 2 projects! And yes, you get to see one that I completed and one that I have "WIP" pics of, can't show one of the finished projects yet, it's a private swap project and I want her to be surprised! I'm not sure if she does read my blog, but just incase, I can show you what she's already seen!!!! And yes, these are Instagram pics, sorry it's just sew much easier to snap a pic with my phone for IG when I'm in a hurry (Which is pretty much all the time!)
(if you are interested in looking me up on IG my screen name is craftnursequilt)
This is a double first for me! It's my very first pieced pouch (ever! I know, I know, I'm a slacker) and it's my first pouch where the zipper isn't on top! I LOVE IT though!!!! I'm pretty proud!

Alright, as I mentioned, this is for a private swap, so I'll show you what I started with.....
Rainbowy goodness!!

Some Kona Snow, and Elizabeth Hartman of oh fransson and her wonderful tutorial for the foundation pieced spiderweb!
And got this! (Pretty happy with it too!!!!! I didn't keep the complete foundation though, to save some fuss! I just folded the rest of my triangle back after the initial strip and sewed onto the strip and once I was finished with all 4 triangles I cut it down into the triangle then cut off the excess triangle!!!
Then here is the 2nd block
My points are off on both of them, but I'm okay with that! I gotta start somewhere!!!

Now, since this post is EXTREMELY LONG I will show you my FINISHED QUILT and leave you alone, I'm sure you finished that cake FOREVER ago! :)
This quilt top is made COMPLETELY out of bandanas! Yes my 2nd quilt and it was made out of bandanas just like my first one! I like it though! Now, my next one? DEFINATELY FABRIC! Like, the good fabric! Can't wait to get it started!
And with that, my friends, I'll leave you with a final IG pic!
Until next time,
~Hope y'all are having a great day!!!~

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