Tuesday, November 12, 2013

For the Boys....my stop

When I saw that there was going to be a "For the Boys" blog hop going on I just HAD to take part in it! I have a special little boy that is getting ready to turn SEVEN on the 24th of this month! (seriously, where does the time go? Seems like just yesterday he was born!)
Anyways, I knew this would give me that "gentle push" I needed to make him something really special for his birthday. So I hopped on board!

If this is your first time visiting me here, WELCOME WELCOME WELCOME! I'm SEW happy you stopped by! I hope you'll stay for a while and get to know me a bit better...(and hopefully like me enough to follow me! ;-) )   You can learn a little bit about me right here and you can see some of my finished quilts right here! Also, if you are on Instagram or Twitter you can find me there too (@craftnursequilt)! I love new followers!!!!

Let's get back to the reason we are here! With this blog hop in mind I had been watching one of the blogs I follow and she was creating a FANTABULOUS quilt! I knew my little boy would just love it if I made him one just like it. So, when I saw she had finished her quilt and was about to publish a pattern for it I left a comment (half joking-half not) stating if she needed a "tester" I would LOVE to be her girl! AND SHE LET ME!!!! WAHOO!!!! lol! (I'll be doing a full review of her pattern very soon, so stay tuned!)
Anyhow, the blog I'm talking about Seriously....I Think it Needs Stitches. (you should really go check her out, she does some pretty awesome work!)

Isn't it adorable?!?!? I used his favorite colors and pulled from my stash! This pattern was super easy to follow too! (more on that in a later post)

It's got some of his favorite things! I love this power drill!!!

The hammer and pliers!!! Too cute!

And what boy doesn't love a good saw?

There's even a wrench and a loose screw! (we won't go there on loose screws though! LOL!)

Anyways, he has NO clue I'm making this for him, I've been VERY SNEAKY! I've got approx 12 days left to get this baby a backing, quilted, and bound...think I can do it? I better!!!
I'm even thinking about making him a pillow to go with it....hmmmmm......

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I can't wait to see what everyone else has created for their boys!!!
I also want to say a BIG THANK YOU!!!! To Mdm Samm and Amy for putting this together and cheering us all on! THANK YOU LADIES!!!!

Plus a huge THANK YOU to Kelli for letting me test her wonderful pattern (which can be purchased right here)

I will be back when I finish this quilt with a full review of this pattern, I PROMISE!

Thank you guys for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed my stop!

P.S. Linking up my finished quilt top with Amanda Jean's Finish It Up Friday!

~Hope y'all are having a GREAT day!!!~

Thursday, November 7, 2013

I need Melody in my life!

There's nothing like cutting it close to a deadline huh? I like living on the edge! LOL! This post is my entry into the FANTABULOUS giveaway Amy is offering as part of the Blogger's Quilt Festival. What is this awesome giveaway you ask?

This wonderful sewing machine!!! The Baby Lock Melody!!!!! She wants to know why I want to win this gorgeous machine. Well, that is a pretty simple answer...Just look at her!!! She is GORGEOUS! Plus the features she comes with, WOW!

I can really see us together! We would make a wonderful couple! The things we could do together....I can just see it now! ;-)

I know that with my financial situations that I will probably not ever be able to afford such a wonderful machine. Soooo, that's one reason I want to win it! (to make it possible for me to own)

I think this machine could help me take my sewing and quilting to the next level! I've heard a lot about Baby Lock in general and have never heard one bad thing! I've heard their machines are durable, long lasting, quality machines!

This machine comes with a TON of accessories, really it comes with everything I could need! 189 built in stitches! You can customize your preferences as far as the stitches you like, drop in bobbin, 3 monogramming alphabets, need I go on and on? This machine really has it all!!!!

So, Amy, I NEED IT! I WANT IT! PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!! (no, I am NOT above begging for this gorgeous machine!!!!)

OH! BTW today is the last day to vote for your favorite quilts in the Blogger's Quilt Festival! So go vote for mine!!!!! In the ROYGBIV category it's number 45 (you can read my post on it here) and my other quilt is in the Group/Bee category and is number 4 (you can read my post on that quilt here) I am really hoping and keeping my finger's crossed that I win, just because I've never won anything from something that I've made! It would be so awesome!!!!

I will talk to y'all soon!!!!

~Hope y'all are having a GREAT day!!!~

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Modern Yardage and Pretty Pillows

I'm so excited I get to share this post with you guys!!! I recently got the opportunity to try out a new fabric manufacturer. I was hearing a lot about this company on IG and was super stoked April let me try out some of this fabric so I could give you guys a review of it!!!!

DISCLAIMER: All opinions are 100% MY OWN, I am not receiving compensation for this review, as always, I promise to only give you my HONEST opinion!

Now that that's out of the way...what am I talking about????? This new fabric manufacturer is called Modern Yardage. I will let their About Page tell you a little bit about the company....
                   Modern Yardage is a brand-new digital textile fabric manufacturer, dedicated to bringing fresh, contemporary, fun fabrics to the modern sewist. Created to help solve the problems that the fabric industry faces by taking away the speculation on trends, popular print shortages and scarcity, and limited color and scale offerings, Modern Yardage is rethinking the traditional fabric manufacturing process and offering something new to the industry.

I love how they have taken such a different approach to traditional fabric printing. Their fabric is NOT cut from a bolt, WHAT???!!!! Let me show you...
I ordered a total of 8 Fat Quarters and this is what I received. Your order (no matter how much you order) is on one continuous piece of fabric. Which is just really cool! They print on 58" wide fabric but their prints are the standard 44" wide (like from a bolt) so what do they do with all that extra space???? Well, it varies for every order. You could receive a little pattern, a note from the designer(s), and all kinds of other fun stuff

If you look in the lower right corner of this picture you can see one of the fun things I got with my order. A READY TO SEW POUCH! Yep, just gotta cut it out, pick out some lining and a zipper and VOILA a cute pouch!!! Pretty cool, huh?

Another thing I really like about this company is the way that they "print on demand" the wonderful prints that you fall in love with DON'T GO OUT OF PRINT!!!! Yep, that means YOU CAN USE THE FABRIC YOU ARE IN LOVE WITH rather than hoarding it (I know I'm not the only one that does that!)

I also really LOVE the feel or "hand" of the fabric! It feels so great! (I think I would compare it to the way Art Gallery fabrics feel, just my opinion!)

So with that being said, what did I make?? PILLOWSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm a really big fan of mixing up lines of fabrics so I wanted to see how Modern Yardage fabric played with others. I am extremely happy with the results! The pillow feels wonderful and soft and cuddle ready! I made this pillow to coordinate with my Hubby's quilt and it looks GREAT with it! (I should've taken pics of the 2 together....)

I absolutely LOVE this pillow!!!

Another really fun thing they do is offer their prints in different scales (small, medium, and large) so you choose the scale! I was very intrigued by this so I ordered the same print in 2 different scales (and color).

If you look at that yellow print on the left (kinda in the center) and then look at the top orange print you can tell the difference in scale. I LOVE IT!!!! :-)

Of course, I couldn't just stop with ONE pillow! I had to make another that focused just on this fabric...

I've had an obsession with bunting lately, so I chose to make a bunting pillow! (the background is Essex Linen) Didn't this turn out sooo cute? I just love it!
I chose fabrics from 3 different designers so I really didn't want to do a post about the designers but I will say the Modern Yardage Designers are amazingly talented. I PROMISE you will be able to find any sort of fabric you need from them! They have all kinds of different types of prints! They are constantly adding new fabric lines too! I could spend thousands of dollars on all the wonderful fabric I want from there! (I've got my eye on quite a few things they have!)
I really really hope you will go check them out! Their site is extremely easy to navigate so you will be able to find whatever you are looking for! Just a fair warning though, be prepared to spend a LOT of time drooling over your computer monitor! (I hope I'm not the only one that drools over fabric....)
All in all, I really really enjoyed getting to play with this fabric and would HIGHLY recommend anyone who plays with fabric to get their hands on Modern Yardage! You will NOT be disappointed!!
Make sure you go and follow Modern Yardage on your favorite social media outlet too! (that way you can stay up to date with all the wonderful fabrics they are coming out with!)
Make sure you go and follow Modern Yardage on your favorite social media outlet too! (that way you can stay up to date with all the wonderful fabrics they are coming out with!)
You can find them on Pinterest here
Facebook here
and on Instagram here (or just search for @modernyardage)

Let me know if you get their fabric and if you love it as much as I do!!!!

Pssst....I'm linking up with Amanda Jean for Finish It Up Friday

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Friday, November 1, 2013

Blogger's Quilt Festival- ROYGBIV

I can't believe I did it! I finished the quilt ON TIME!!! (Well, with less than a few hours to spare!) And I'm barely making it to the deadline to enter my 2nd quilt into the Blogger's Quilt Festival! Seriously, the linky closes in less than 1 hour!!! It's 9 a.m. here and I just literally finished this quilt 5 hours ago!!! I busted my tail to get it done...but I DID IT!!!!
So, for my 2nd entry into the Festival (my other entry can be found here) I am entering Color My World!
I think this is my favorite quilt I've made to date! You can read more about the pattern and quilt top by clicking here. I have debated and debated which category to enter this quilt into....I have one of 3 options....the Throw Size, ROYGBIV, or Scrappy. This quilt is completely scrappy and a good throw size but I believe ROYGBIV is its best fit! I really loved making this quilt and can totally see myself making another one, just maybe a lot bigger next time!
Here is the backing, I won't go into to much detail with this post (a better post with better photos coming very soon!) but let's just say this was not the original backing! Oh well, stuff happens, especially with kids right?
I chose to quilt it in an all over meandering loop and I'm pretty happy with the results!
As I'm sure you guys can tell in one of the above pictures, the weather does not want me to get pretty pictures today! So I plan on dragging my hubby out this weekend (weather permitting) and have a real quilt photo shoot!

It's a rainbow quilt, so what better to bind it in than black stripes? I think it finishes the quilt perfectly!

I hope you guys enjoyed seeing my version of Color My World and will come back to see it again, when I get better pictures!!!

Quilt Stats
Finished Size- 62"x72"
Pattern- Color My World by Elizabeth Dackson of Don't Call Me Betsy
Pieced and Quilted on my DSM
Fabrics used- Scraps from my stash and Kona Snow for the background
Quilted in an all over meandering loop
Festival Category- ROYGBIV

If you haven't already you really need to head on over to the Blogger's Quilt Festival and see all the amazing entries!!!
P.S. I would absolutely LOVE it if you would vote for my quilt!!! ;-)

It's Friday so I'll be linking up the wonderful Amanda Jean of Crazy Mom Quilts for Finish it Friday!

~Hope y'all are having a GREAT day!!~