Monday, June 4, 2012

I finally figure it out

Well, I decided to try my hand at zippers. This is the result I got:

SOOOOO I pulled out my hand dandy:
STITCH RIPPER!!! And decided to redo it all! Good thing I didn't loose faith and just give up cuz I got this result next:
(parden my flash) YAY! I DID IT!
Oh how I love this fabric!!!!!!
Sorry I'm bragging...but I'm so proud of me!!!
I made the tote first, then the matching pouch! I'm so proud of myself for actually doing it! Aint they pretty?
Okay, so I decided to try something else, without good results. Please don't laugh too hard at me!!! But this blog is about my journey teaching myself to sew, all kinds of things.....right? Right!!! Well, I tried my hand at applique and it didn't turn out so good. I want to make my babies some alphabet bean bags, since my son is starting kindergarden I figured it would help him recognize the letters better if he could interact with them. Good idea huh?
But my friends over at my local Hancock gave me some pointers. USE HEAT AND BOND! (They even gave me a little bit so I could try it out!) I love them!
Now that I've bragged and embarrased myself I'm going to jet! Gotta go get working on my skill builder!!!!! I have another post for you guys but I may wait to do that one later today....I dunno! But before I go let me tell you ONE MORE THING! 2 of the lovely ladies I work with have more or less "comissioned" me to make them each a quilt! It excites me!!!!! Both of them are wanting out of the same line. I have an idea for one of theirs, but if I could just make it happen....that's the question! Anyone have any suggestions on how I could figure out how much fabric I need to get to make a twin size pieced quilt top? I'm not sure about the block size yet, so yeah....any suggestion are much appreciated!!!!! Until next time.......
~Hope y'all are having a great day!!!~


Josie McRazie said...

Ahhh and another great applique tip... make sure you grab the heat n bond and not the freezer paper!! LOL two VERY different results! (SMH and laughing at myself!!)
I think your zippers are great! I have NOT attempted them yet!! they scare the living beejeebers out of me!! ;)

quilt happy said...

my mother used to tell me "practice makes perfect" great job

Hillbilly Tonya said...

Oh, and now I read are new to zippers too! brain is turning...