Friday, June 15, 2012

Summer Sewing Contest

I can NOT believe I actually got this done! I've been dreaming the concept of this up for a while now, just never actually sat down to it! This Summer Sewing Contest by Ellison Lane Quilts is just what I needed to get the job DONE!
So without further ado?!?!?!?!? (I'm trying to sound smart so bear with me on that one! I dunno if I got it right or not)
Here is my entry into the

I did a table runner and 2 pillows for my patio furniture! I chose Pezzy Print by American Jane because to me it is just plain SUMMERY!!! I LOVE IT! I used the "Tumbler" tool by Missouri Star Quilt Co. (I love that place!)

Here are my pillows hanging out in the bushes basking in the sunlight!!!!!

And here they are on one of my patio chairs, don't they just look so pretty there? I think so!
I did quilt both of them, one is done in a sort-of-straight line quilting, and the other is just COMPLETELY RANDOM (like me!!!)
No, I didn't take any close up of the quilting on the pillows (sorry, I forgot!)
My lil' ol' table runner wanted its turn basking as well, so I (very quickly) snapped a pic of it on this fence. (Honestly, I'm surprised it stayed up there long enough to snap one!)
Here it is on the table of which it will call home over the next few weeks at least! It covers the entire circle table! (I was going to do a circular one, but ummmm.....yeah, I'm no good at sewing curves yet! Maybe next time!) This baby is quilted in wavy lines. Yes, I did take a close up of the quilting on this, but it turned out blury!
See what I mean? Not the best pic in the world, but it works huh?

I backed it in a solid white quilters cotton. Hey, I just noticed, this shows the quilting detail perty darn good! (don't laugh at my quilting "skills" please!)
I really liked how this pic turned out! Shows the crinklyness of it! (Yes, I have been playing with a photo editor!!! YAY ME!)
And one last pic to top it all off!!! I really hope you guys like it! I worked really hard on it!
You all should really go check out the rest of the entries in the summer sewing contest by clicking here and you still have some time to enter if you want! The linky closes on June 17th! There are all kinds of great prizes so definately go check it out!!!!
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~Hope y'all are having a great day!!!!!~

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