Friday, June 1, 2012

Check this out!

Hello all!
Of course, I've been scanning the web while at work (during the down time) drooling OH WAIT I mean looking at all the fabulous fabrics and quilts and talent that are out there! (AND THERE IS A LOT!) 
Yes the Oh-so-lovely Nightshade by the Oh-so-talented Tula Pink!!!!!!!!
Don't you just L-O-V-E this line???????????? I already have an idea for what I want to make out of it!!!!!! My fav print is
I just love it!!!!!!
Onto some exciting news!!!!! As I was checking my email this a.m. I found:
What?!?!?! I mean really???? Wasn't I just talking about that the other day? (a beginner quilt along?)
Yep, sure do believe so!!!! Soooooo, I was checking out all the info on it here and it is hosted by the VERY TALENTED PAT SLOAN!!!
THEY ARE GIVING ONE OF THESE BABIES AWAY!!!!! (And you don't even have to join in on the quilt along!!!)  COUNT ME IN!!!!!!! I want it! (I won't win it, but I do want it!!!)
So yeah, I do believe I'll be a part of this and see if I can't make something beautiful!!! What do you guys think? Any of you want to join tooooooo??????? C'mon you know you do!
No, I don't have any fabrics picked out yet, but I will, oh yes, I will, (the next day I'm off probably!!!!)
So anywho click here and find out all the details, and join me and hopefully a bunch of other peeps as we QUILT ALONG WITH PAT SLOAN!!!!!!!!!
~Hope you all are having a great day!!!!!!


Ali M said...

I like that! And I like the option that I could substitute blocks from the skill builder sampler into it if I wanted. Hmm can I fit that in between finishing my one QAL, possibly doing the dresden challenge, starting a sewing class, doing the skill building sampler And remembering to enjoy summer?

Josie McRazie said...

I was just about ready to tell you i hate you for getting the fabric I have been WAITING for for six months now! UMMM YES L-O-V-E Nightshade!! Did you see the pics from market with her insanley large prints (just to show off not fro sale)!! They are... I just can't say how much i love this line! I WILL buy it (soon I hope!!)
Look at this blog about half way down!!