Thursday, June 28, 2012

A Winner and some ramblings

I bet y'all are wondering WHO WON THE GIVEAWAY??????
I won't keep ya guessing! Congrats goes to.......

who said: Courtneysews said...

There are some cute girls skirt tutorials at

Congrats again Courtney! I will be emailing you in just a sec!
Thanks everyone for all the b-day wishes! I really do appreciate it!
Now, back to a little of what I've been doing!
I made these pretty pillows! I followed Vanessa's tutorial over at V&Co to make it! You all should go check it out! I would link to it except for the fact that my computer is on the fritz and I'm really lucky to even be making this post at all! Hopefully I"ll get all that worked out soon enough though!
I made this little pretty following Jeni's tutorial over at In Color Order! She is VERY TALENTED! And the tutorial is SOOOO easy to follow! I visit that blog VERY often! :)
This is my first dissapearing 9 patch quilt. Of course, Welcome to Bear Country by Moda is my fabric choice! This is for my best friend's baby, good thing she doesn't get online, (cuz it's a secret!)
And you see that design wall?????? Yep, I MADE IT! :) It wasn't hard at all! I'm not completely sure about the layout of the quilt top yet though, I like it, I just don't know if I love it! I'm trying to decide if I should do a border on it or not, what do y'all think? I need someone's opinion besides the same ol' "I dunno babe" from my hubs.
I'm still working on my skill builder sampler QAL and the beginners QAL, just can't show you that stuff yet! Soon though, I promise!
I'm trying to get involved with as much stuff as I can, and make as many blogging/quilting friends as I can. With that being said, I'm really really liking the looks of this....
the Hexy MF quilt a long over at the Fat Quarterly's blog! It looks like loads of fun. I am definately going to give it a go. I just found out about it yesterday, so I still have the funnest part to do! PICK OUT FABRICS!!!!! AAAAAAND, with that being said, look at what I found!
Yep, 50% sale! WAHOO!!!! I can't wait to go back and get my fabrics! This is Hancock though, and my Hancock doesn't sale designer fabric *tear* so I can only do my shopping for that online! Which I like and all, but I'd rather be able to see it all up close and personal! I don't have a LQS close by! It sucks!!!!! But, oh well, Hancock does sell some pretty fabric!
Wellllll, I'm off to bed, I'm on a 4 day stretch (booooo!) and need to rest up!
~Hope y'all are having a great day~


Courtneysews said...

Wow Kelie I can't believe I won! Hope you had a great B-day and thanks for giving ME a present. I love your blog!

Rosemary said...

Love your disappearing 9-patch! So pretty. I love that hexagon quilt from Fat Quarterly. I'm already working on a hexagon quilt. So many nice projects and so hard to choose! Too bad we didn't have more time!!
Happy Birthday!

Gmama Jane said...

Welcome to the quilting world!! I think you should add some solid color border strips to your disappearing 9 patch quilt!! I love the colors but when I have one that is colorful and lots of pattern I like to give the eyes some place to rest by placing some solids for sashing or borders. Just my opinion!!
Gmama Jane