Thursday, June 7, 2012

My Sewing Corner

I know the other day I had said I had another post for you....but it didn't come!!!! Well, I got busy doing the mommy thing, then the sewing thing! So I wanted to say SORRY!!!!!
I was looking through my fabrics the other day and thinking of what I could do a blog post on, then it slapped me (kinda hurt too!!!) in the face! Let me show you a little of my sewing corner! (yes corner, because that's all I have!)
I have been REALLY addicted to fabric here lately! ALL KINDS OF IT! Want to see?????
Well, even if you don't I'm going to show you!
This is my top drawer of my fabric dresser, it has mainly polka dots, mostly 1/2 yd cuts, some fq's too!
You see all those pretty Kona solids in there? YUM!!!! There is also a few Bella solids as well!

Bad pic, I know! But this is from the Papillon line by 3 sisters! I LOVE IT!
A bundle of Curious Nature! (for my hubby, only he doesn't know it!)
This is my 2nd drawer, mainly boyish fabrics.
This is of course for my football star! (My 12 y/o step-son) It's going to be for his b-day if I could ever figure out a pattern to use for it!
This is my 3rd drawer. Holds a lot of girly fabrics along w/ a couple of my WIP, just some stuff I'm playing with.
On the left is my stack of "practice" fabric I got from my Mother in law, then there is my flannel and of course some FELT!
A tote full of batting!
This is the top of my fabric dresser, it holds my quilt rack w/ my blocks I'm doing for the Skill Builder.
AAAAAnd, this is where I sew! Those 2 totes beside the desk also hold fabric, but it's a mess in there!!!! I do have more but until I find the place for it all, I'm keeping it under wraps! That's all I've got today! Hope you enjoyed the peek into my sewing corner!
One last thing before you leave, I've been playing around trying to make a blog button and here is my first go at it.....
What do you guys think? Should I use it, or keep playing around? Please let me know what you think! AND be honest!!!!
~Hope your having a great day!!!~


The Slow Quilter said...

I lover how everything is so neat and organized. I am just a mess. So as I get my daughter out of the house, I will be able to spread out. I lover the button. How did you make it? Is there some kind of button making blog out there? I would love to have a button.

Ali said...

I like the blog button - are those your most favorite colors? Whenever I'm not sure about something like that I don't look at it for a week then see if I still love it.

Thank you so much for the SMS prize! The scissors and accessories match a little needle book I just made last wee! I love the colors on the jar pincushion too, and just wanted to let you know I got everything!

And don't you wish everybody who needed one would get their own dedicated craft room with floor to ceiling storage? Thanks for sharing your sewing space, I always like seeing where people work.