Saturday, April 14, 2012

One more to go and then.....

YAY! I've got one more follower to gain and then there will a FANTABULOUS giveaway! (well, I think it'll be fantabulous anyways!) I've worked really hard on the "gifts" the past 2 days I was off. I've got to go back to work tonight, hopefully in the morning when I get home I'll have gained the 10th one. I wanna say thank you to the ladies that have helped spread the word about my blog and giveaway! I appreciate you more than you'll ever know!!

I know I had said I was going to be basting my quilt BUT me and my pea brain didn't think I would have to piece the back, I thought I had enough material.....but I don't. So, I have to go get some more of the backing fabric and piece that together before I can baste! BUMMER!!!!!!!!! I will get to the fabric store within the next couple days and get that going.
I have been to a fabric store, just not the one that had the right material. And during that shopping excursion it was all about YOU (the winner of the future giveaway)!!
I was also up ALL NIGHT last night working on something for the giveaway as well! I love how it turned out and I want to post a pic so bad I can taste it!!!! But that would give it all away, and I don't want to do that!
Sooooo. it's time for me to get ready and go to work. It's time for all of you to hit that follow button on my side bar so we can get this GIVEAWAY started ASAP!!!!!!!!!!!
C-you next time!



╰☆╮ Barb ╰☆╮ said...

Kelie - it's like waiting for Christmas! Let us know when you get that next follower!

Helen said...

Well Kelie--You now have 10 Followers! I joined Marcia at marciascraftysewing.blogspot and was happy to find you. I enjoyed reading your blog and wishing you the best with it. If you get a chance stop on over at

Danielle Hudson said...

You have 10! Woohoo!

Maria Kievit said...

You now have more than ten! I think this was a neat idea of putting small blogs out there for us to get some followers too. Thanks for even thinking about a giveaway!

~Kelie~ said...

I do have more than 10 note! *happy dance* the giveaway will be announced tomorrow since I'm at work tonight! Thank u guyz!