Monday, April 30, 2012

My Giveawayis ending!! Hurry Up!

It's a GIVEAWAY! And I have barely had any entries to it! Not even the people who followed me from my last giveaway! What's wrong with this picture????? Is it the fabrics I'm offering? Anywho it ends MONDAY APRIL 30 AT MIDNIGHT!!!!!!!!! So less than 24 hours left to enter! Hurry up and go here so you will be entered in the drawing!!!

Oh yeah! I told you guys I'd let you know how the girls did in the pageant today! I haven't had time to upload the photos yet but THEY DID GREAT! Jordyn (the youngest) won the highest title which was Elite Supreme! A beautiful crown, huge trophy, sash, goodies (toys and candy) and some CASH!!! Miss Shy won Supreme of her division!!! (Still a great job) She won crown, sash, trophie and some goodies too!! Will post some pics soon!



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Josie McRazie said...

Well, I entered and that's all that matters! LOL Hey, i might have a better chance of winning! LOL