Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Some of my WIP!

I still have not completed my first quilt, as I told you my pea brain did not realize I would have to piece the backing of it because I thought I had enough fabric. I WAS WRONG! So I went out to get some more fabric the other day and guess what?!?!? THEY WERE OUT! I searched and searched every single bolt of fabric in the whole store and nope none! As I was about to give up (w/ my heart broken mind you) I happened to see the Remenant stash. Yes, there was a note on top saying "Not for sale needs to be priced" But did that stop me? NOPE! I search through that basket and guess what I found?
My fabric! It's only 25" by 45" but hey, I FOUND IT!
Now that I don't have all of what I need to do my original plan for the backing, NEW PLANS ARE IN ORDER! Which, thanks to my hubby, I (we) figured something else out! So that is my plan for my night, working on piecing the back!
Also, I wanted to show you guys something. But before I do, let me tell you a little bit about it.
I have NEVER and I mean NEVER quilted ANYTHING! So, everything I have been working on has been for someone, I haven't just sat down and "played" with any of my fabric or my sewing machine. So I decided it was time to play. And, this is what I came up with.
It measures 14" by 14". I still need to attach the binding (and that's on my to do tonight list as well)
But, I think for my first attempt ever at quilting, I didn't do too shabby.

I do need to figure out how to baste better though, my backing is all puckered and doesn't look that great.


It's all folded over on itself and just doesn't look that great. But I'm still proud of it!
I think it's pretty! (at least in the front)
OH OH OH OH!!! I made something else too!!!!! MY OWN PRESSING BOARD! I'm sure a few of you who were really paying attention to details in my pics have noticed I was pressing on a towel. Well, it's not a towel anymore!
I fell inlove with this fabric! All I did was bought a piece of plywood (a pretty thick piece) and covered it w/ an old towel, then cut the fabric down to size and stapled!

and here is what the back looks like

Not too shabby huh? I'm proud of myself! Oh, and as I edited my giveaway post, it will end on Sat 4/20 at midnight! If you haven't entered it yet go here and enter it!!!!

I'm linking up w/ Freshly Pieced!

Can anyone please tell me how to baste my quilts better? PLEASE?!?!?



Dora, the Quilter said...

Sharon Schamber has a two part video on you-tube showing how to baste a quilt. Even if you don't have everything she uses, you can tape down the backing, place the batting on top of it, place the top on top and move your needle and thread the way she does--it will keep the layers from shifting.

Rosemary said...

I usually baste my quilts with safety pins if I plan on machine quilting. I am sure there is a tutorial on line. I have a million books that I've bought over the years. You're supposed to pin every 6-8 inches but I do a lot more. I rarely get puckers. I use my fist as a guide. Then, I usually go back and add more. Does this make sense? I also tape my backing to the floor and then add my batting and quilt top. Hope that helps. If you have a small quilt, I have actually used straight pins. So easy to attach.

Danielle Hudson said...

For small projects I have started using 505 basting spray. you can use it on large quilts too, but I just haven't had the balls to do it yet! I use bent safety pins. But your problems don't really look like your basting. It looks more like you presser foot pressure it to tight. look in your owners manuel and see if your machine has the option to tighten or loosen your pressure foot. It usually looks like a dial with numbers on it. But really, It doesn't look bad. Once you wash it and dry it, and you get that magical crinckly look, you wont even notice that! Oh, Leah day gives a great tutorial on you tube for basting you quilt. If I can find it I will send it to you! I have used Sharon Schambers method to. But my layers seemed to shift more as I was quilting. Maybe I just didn't do it right! haha

Danielle Hudson said...

Hey, great job on your finishes! I need to make an ironing board myself!