Saturday, April 7, 2012


Well this post is nothing special I'm just trying to see what anyone who is looking at my blog is thinking????!??? NO ONE is saying ANYTHING to me! (no comments) Sooooo, if you are a REALLY REALLY REALLY nice person, will you PLEASE tell me what I am doing wrong, or what I need to do to get this blog thing going? I have no clue what I'm doing here and I really do need some pointers! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE? Pretty please? I know I sound like I'm begging....and well, I kind of am, but really, please?



rubyslipperz said...

I don't think that you are doing anything wrong. Getting followers take quite a long time. I will put your link on my sidebar. That might help a bit.

Email me at

maybe I can give you some ideas?


SeeingStars said...

I'm here! (waving hand and jumping up and down) Just found you thru the link party. We also have 2 children (teens), although we often stretch the house a little and take in 2 more teens when their mom travels with work. I love the chaos of 4 and the snorts of laughter at the dinner table. It seems so quiet when it's just us again.

Sewing pointers? Hmmmmm. Buy a few good quality tools and learn to use them well. Often, you'll see folks dashing to snatch up all the latest gadgets and then they'll exclaim that they never get a chance to use them. Such a shame! I started with a rotary cutter, mat and 2 rulers. Semi-ok sewing machine and a few spare pairs of scissors. After upgrading the machine, I did add a few more gadgets, but very slowly over the years. I still have a prairie points ruler that I need to get acquainted with.

Katie said...

LOL I don't think you're doing anything "wrong" but with blogging, no one will know your blog is out there unless you tell them. So join linky parties for both finished projects and works in progress. Comment comment comment on all the blogs you like. Another biggie is to blog for quality, not quantity. People will return to your blog if your writing is good and your pictures are pretty. Keep at it, it takes time to find your people :-)

Lynn Dykstra said...

Great start on you blog.
Julie has a list of nurse quilter blogs on her site.
The best way to get readers is to comment on other blogs.

Val said...

I laughed when I read this post. I have come for a visit for ruby slippers. You will find all sorts of tutorials and sew alongs on people's blogs that will help you learn about sewing. I now follow lots of blogs but generally only comment all the time on 20 or 30 blogs. I have made lots of lovely friends through quilting and sharing and commenting. I found a nice core group of like minded bloggers by joining in a few weekly or monthly link ups like Tuesday Treasures or 1 Xmas item a month. There are lots of this type of regular link up. Hope you get a chance to visit my blog soon.