Saturday, May 12, 2012

A List

I had a productive day yesterday and COMPLETELY finished quilting Debbie's quilt!!! YAY ME! Now, I just have to figure out what I want to use for the binding. I'll get there.
I was thinking of all the stuff I want to get finished in the next month or so, so I made a list!!!! (I shouldn't have, but oh well, cuz I did!)

1.   Finish Jordyns quilt

2. Finish Debbies quilt & pillow

3.  Save enough money for new sewing machine

4. Complete quilt top for Chrissys baby

5.  Complete quilt top for Charlis baby

6.  Make my first handbag (drawstring or whatever!)

7.  Build my fabric stash a little more

8.  Practice some FMQ

9.  Finish my first cross stitch project

Not too bad of a list...but between working and taking care of 4 kiddos, it gets to be a lot!!
I'm really loving sewing, I think I could do a lot better job though if I had a better sewing machine. The one I have is cheap, very cheap, but it gets the job done!!! I'm looking into finding a better one that will make my quilting journey easier.... does anyone have any suggestions on a good sewing machine that won't break the bank???
I've also found soooo many tutorials on bags, and I WANNA MAKE ONE!!! I think today, I'm going to try a drawstring bag, not 100 % sure I'll get it finished but I am going to try!
I'm so lucky to have support for all the things I do, by my wonderful hubby!!
Doesn't matter what I choose to do, he always supports me and encourages me!!! I love him so much!
This is the cuteness I came home to the other morning! He won't put this blanket down, it goes EVERYWHERE!!!! I'm so happy he loves it as much as he does!

My step-son recieved this in the mail the other day....he sent a letter out for a project in school and was sooooo thrilled when this showed up!!!! I thought it was pretty cool myself. to sewing land...hope you all are having a great day!!!!

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rubyslipperz said...

imho...if you want a machine that sews with very little frustration and is really a good value, two things:
1)the bobbin should NOT drop in. it should be the kind that goes in upright thru the front.

2)basic functions...with little or no computer-ings

email me if you want more in depth on my reasons. =)

There is a good one for around $90 thru Walmart, I think it is a Brother.

Getting a used, well service Bernina can be a good value...but, it depends on what price range you are looking for.

One thing, I feel is true, over the years...ALL brands have made some "lemons". =)