Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bragging Rights!!!!

I know I'm a day late (well technically 2 days late if you count it's 4 a.m.) but I finally got the pics uploaded!!!!

CAUTION: PHOTO HEAVY!!!! Just because I wanted to brag!!!!

Jordyn loves the camera!!!!

Shy acted like she was uncomfy in this outfit, but she looks so darn cute!!!

Yep, they know they're pretty!!!!
And the winner is..........

Jordyn! (her official title was Elite Supreme) YAY BABY GIRL!!!!
Miss Shy won Supreme of her division!!!! YAY! Don't ya just love the bear on her crown??? I think it's adorable!!!!
After the pageant we took the kids to the park to enjoy a beautfiul day! The weather was TERRIFIC!!! (I dunno if I spelled that right or not but oh well, you get the point!) And I took TONS OF PICS but I'll only share a few for your sake!

I love the natural little "falls" of this creek. It goes into a much bigger lake, but we didn't go over there this time. I'm sure you all will see it soon, we go to this park A LOT!
The playground area of this park has a Narnia theme, they even have the wardrobe!!!
I have took pics of the kids in all the areas over the past couple years as they have added them on. THEY EVEN HAVE THE BEAVERS HOUSE!!!! But here are the most recent additions to the Narnia set ups
Yes, this is a stone Azlan (I think that's how you spell it)
Please ignore her shirt! She is worse than the boys ever thought about being when it comes to gettin dirty!
This is Tamulson???? Is that his name? I'm thinking it is but it's been A LONG WHILE since I've watched those movies!
She is very skiddish around statues! LOL

I got the girls' "baby doll" quilts finished! Completely bound and all! (YAY ME!)
This one is Jordyn's.
And this is Shy's.
So now, I'm working on the boys, I have them both quilted and am working on the binding! Which I hate!!!! I just can't get it right, even after all your all's suggestions!!! Ugh, I guess that's why they say "practice makes perfect", right?
I'm still working on piecing the back of Jordyn's quilt. I have 2 panels done. It's not complicated piecing, I just keep starting other things and forgetting to do it! I'm going to try to get it finished tomorrow though, that way I can baste it, quilt it, bind it, and DONE! Even though I know it won't be that easy, I still have NO IDEA what I'm going to use for the binding!!!
Oh, if you are wondering about who won the giveaway, I will post that tomorrow when I have my "random generators" awake and home from school to generate me a name!!!!
Hope you all are having a great day!!!!!!



rubyslipperz said...

SEW cute!...You had lots of great stuff to "brag" about...enjoyed the pictures =)


pam said...

what a fun time and the park looks great-read the books they are always better

Josie McRazie said...

Your girls are beautiful!! You have a lot to be proud of!! Just sayin!!

Needled Mom said...

It looks as though you have been enjoying some fun times with the little ones - making wonderful memories.