Thursday, May 31, 2012

Finished 2 blocks!

How is everyone today? Me? I'm okay, dreading going into work tonight because it's changeover! UGH!!! Have to change out the MAR (medication administration record) and double check and double check the double checking, NOT FUN! Would much rather be sewing!!!!!!!
Enough whining though, I HAVE TO TELL YOU GUYS! I started on the skill builder sampler yesterday, completed TWO BLOCKS!!! (YAY ME!)

This is my log cabin block, (like you couldn't tell) and I was JUST shy of it being 12 1/2 I think I did pretty good!!!! Then I started working on the "churn dash" and after sewing all the rows together.........
I got this. WAIT A MINUTE!!! HOLD THE PHONE!!!!!!!!!! It didn't look right, so pulled out my handy dandy STITCH RIPPER (hate that thing) and then came up with
As you can tell, the middle is VERY uneven, but oh well. I'm still proud of it!!!! I think this skill builder will be good for me! I know it will help me learn things I am wanting to learn, and build better skills, that's why it's called SKILL BUILDER (right?!?!?!?) Let me know what you think of my blocks!!!!
On a side note I finished up a diaper wreath last night, I'm excited to give this one to my friend!
What do you guys think? Think she'll like it????
I'm hoping so!!!!!!!! I think it turned out pretty cute!
I had to show you all one more picture! When I showed my hubby this he said "Is this going to be OUR quilt?" LOL! I doubt it! I barely every keep ANYTHING I make!
Oh yeah, almost forgot, the new winner of my giveaway is......Miss ALI M who said

Ali M said...
My favorite thing to sew is...well Quilt a longs...waiting until after they've been going a bit so I can see what other people are doing before starting on my own. I'm pretty new and not always able to be as creative as other so...that sounds so sad, but that's where I'm at right now ;)
 Ali, I will be in touch soon! Please respond within 48 hours!!!!!
Until next time:
~Hope you guys are having a great day!!!!!!!~

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Josie McRazie said...

I love polka dots! LOL way cute!! Ummm of course whe willl love the diaper wreath! that little giraffe smiling at you .. who wouldn't!! What a great friend!!