Sunday, May 27, 2012

Winners of SMS Giveaway Day!!!

First and foremost I want to say a big THANK YOU to all of you who visited me and entered during the giveaway! I'm sorry I don't have enough to give every one of you something! I wish I did! And another big THANK YOU to all of the new followers I accumulated this past week, I hope you guys enjoy your stay! As always, to all of my "already" followers a huge THANK YOU for all of y'alls support and good wishes! Y'all really do keep me going!

As for the giveaway, I "pulled" out my "random generators" again, (I think they love the giveaways more than me!!!!) and the only way I could think of to be completely fair as far as who gets what was this way.
#1 giveaway:

Goes to the first name drawn:
And you would be

who said:
heather said...
I definitely need a new pin cushion, and that pen sounds mighty handy. I haven't made any yet, but I agreed to make bow-ties for a friend's wedding. Now all I need is a pattern. Hopefully it will be my favorite thing to sew. Thank you for the great giveaways!

I understand that you will have a bazillion comments, and my feeling won't be hurt if you don't have a chance to reply ;)
(hrmaris at yahoo dot com)

#2 giveaway:
Goes to the second name drawn
Which is

who said:
Josie McRazie said...
I Swooned once and think I might just do it again!! :)

And the Third and Final giveaway

Goes to the last name drawn (by my nephew)
(please ignore what his shirt says, he's 11....that should explain!!!!)
who said:
Jill said...
I love to quilt bags. I'm toying with a quilt as you go bag right now. It's small so I can easily maneuver it under my domestic sewing machine. Soon I'll have a picture on my blog:

CONGRATS TO ALL 3 OF YOU! I hope you enjoy your winnings! I will be getting in contact with you by email very soon!!!! If you have no heard from me by tomorrow (Sun) by 5 pm EST please email me w/ your info!
I hope everyone had as much fun w/ the SMS giveaway as I did! I think I went a little nuts entering every single giveaway I could. *Fingers crossed* I'll actually win something!
Until next time.......
~Hope you all are having a great day!!!~

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Josie McRazie said...

I was ou tof town for the holiday weekend/ my daughter's 17th b-day! please forgive my delay in answering you!! YA! I did just start doing embroidery!