Friday, May 18, 2012

What I've been Doing!

I have been soooo busy sewing I've forgotten to post! Sorry about that, but to make it up to you I am going to show you the MAJORITY of what I've been working on. I do have one or 2 secret projects that I'm working on, and if everything goes according to plan, you will see them soon enough... ON WITH THE SHOW!!! (WARNING: content is photo HEAVY!!!)

First and FOREMOST!
You know what this is right?
You are right, it's my baby girl's blanket! AND YES I'M QUILTING IT!!!!!
LOOKY!!! I GOT FINISHED QUILTING IT TOO!!!! (*does a happy dance*)
That's the back, I know my lines are all wonky, but it's okay cuz ITS MY FIRST QUILT! EVER!!! The piecing is awful, but THAT OKAY it's my first quilt!!! I can tell I'm getting better at piecing too, just wait, you'll see!

This lovely is my binding roll for her blanket, THAT IS NOW ATTACHED!!! WAHOO *does another happy dance*
Now, all I have left is to hand sew the binding completely on, and I"M DONE!

Okay, onto another thing I've been working on!
Just a little side-note first! I have been TRULY OBSESSED with bags, I dunno why, but I have!
I made this one for Shy, and she loves it! :)

Yeah, I know the lining does not technically go with the outside, but hey, she's 7 and that's what she picked, so I went with it!
This is the one I made for Gabe, he has ALL the cars that will fit in this I think another job well done for that one too!

This is the beginning of a baby quilt I'm making for my BFF's baby. It's going to be the dissapearing nine patch, or the magic one, I'm not 100% sure yet. I just know I love this fabric, and I know she will love it!

This is the cross stitch that I've been working on, here and there. I like it! My L is off by a line or 2 but, I'm not stressing it, I think it'll still be PURDY!

OH OH OH!!! I just Have to tell you guys! I actually won something!
This adorable little pin cushion pineapple from Insanity Defense !!!!! I love it!
Okay, I'm done rambling!
Weeeeelllllll, almost anyways! I have just ONE more pic to share with you!
This is my LONELY wall! *tear* I need some ideas for something to go up there. It is right where I sew so I decided to put up some quilty stuff for inspiration while I'm sewing! Now, if any of you any suggestions on what I could put up there I would be happy to listen!!!!
Don't miss me tooooo much, I'm going camping this weekend. We are going to something called "Trail Days"???? I dunno, my hubby says I'll love it, but ya know, we will see!!!!
Hope you are having a great day!!!!


melanie moore said...

You have been busy . Well done. I love the Pineapple pin cushion. Happy stitching x

Josie McRazie said...

Glad to see it arrived safe and sound! LOVE the cute littel bags! Thinking about doing these for the kidletts that go to my Daughter's camp (it is a special needs camp and they only have 30 campers 2 weeks in a row) I can do 60 bags ...right??